Up Up and Away

It’s been two years since I’ve been on a holiday.  I have accrued so much annual leave I was forced to take time off.  I hadn’t turned into a workaholic and surely I hadn’t forgotten how much I love to travel.  I blame it on how much dental and orthodontic work costs in this country even with private health insurance.  I know the removal of four teeth and braces will be worth it in the run long but it sure doesn’t come cheap.   

It was time for a holiday, time to recuperate, relax while sipping on cocktails lying next to the pool and sunbake. Going sightseeing, eat great food and discover myself while shoe shopping are definite priorities.

It was arranged as a ‘girls holiday’ with my sister Jess and my cousin Radha.  We leaving tomorrow to go to Langwaki in Malaysia than we are off to Singapore and lastly staying a night in Kuala Lumpa. As all three of us haven’t been to Singapore or Malaysia, our friends have been telling us places to eat, shop and visit – which has only built up the excitement since we booked in last November. 

Jess is a Virgin member and I’m an Emirates member, so we both wanted to fly with our preferred airline.  One afternoon Gigi sent me a text about a sale Air Asia were having and I told Jess about it. It worked out to be a lot cheaper than Virgin and had the dates we wanted which Emirates didn’t so, we decided to go with Air Asia.  We haven’t flown Air Asia before.      

Than a month or so after booking the flights the tragic Air Asia flight went missing.  Radha has a fear of flying, I’ve never been afraid of flying which is one of the very few things I’m not afraid. I know how much flying is a fear for so many people, more so when tragic events like this happen. I have to admit even though I know I have more chances of dying going to the airport than I do on the plane, I am a bit worried.  I do believe whatever is in your destiny is going to happen and you can’t predict it nor control it.

Nancy who does my nails told me her friend had booked her whole family to go to Malaysia flying Air Asia. She cancelled it and lost her money because she’s too scared once hearing about the recent Air Asia tragedy.

Readers, would you cancel your trip if you were flying Air Asia? Would you fly Air Asia? What is your scariest flying experience?

Back To Work – NOOOOOO

I don’t like Mondays, I especially don’t like Mondays when it’s the first day back to work after being on holidays.  I know I’m not the only one and thousands of people will be commuting to work this morning with two things on their mind, coffee and home time. 

I shouldn’t really even be complaining because I have two weeks off after this week so, I have taken it upon myself to do the whinging on behalf of everyone. I hope I do you all proud! On a positive note (because there is always positives) we only have to work five days before we get two days off YAY! 
For all the people who haven’t had any time off you’re probably hating me right now and that’s understandable. I would be hating me too , complaining about how I have to go back to work after having a week off.

My most favourite thing about being on holidays is not waking up to an alarm at 5:50 am.  Each morning when my alarm goes off, I turn it off ,close my eyes and think if only I had one more hour I wouldn’t feel so tired.  Not only do I get to sleep in when I’m on holidays but when I wake up and I feel tired I get to go back to sleep for another hour!  It really is the small things in life that make you happy.

My plan of attack to get through today is simple; sugar, caffeine and upbeat music.

Now I want to hear from you, yes you! What’s your favourite thing about being on holidays? Do you like Monday’s? 

What The Year 2014 Meant For Me

It was this time last year I was with Heba reading the 2014 horoscope for Aquarius and to sum it up, it said that the first half of my year wasn’t going to be any fun with no rewards – it was going to be all about work…work and more work. Things would get a bit better after July. Nothing that I read was hopeful nor exciting to make me look forward to 2014 and that’s when I said to Heba ” I’m going to prove the horoscope wrong, I’m going to have a great year “.  

It turned out I didn’t really need to try that hard after all because the good times just kept coming. Every week I had some fun event on, I got to meet great people, make new friends, I stuffed my face, put on weight and let my hair out, more than I probably should have. I didn’t worry about much like I normally do, I was all smiles and laughs. I enjoyed the ride because I knew the ride would eventually come to an end just like all good things. My ride lasted for ten months, I enjoyed every second and always reminded myself not to take any moment for granted. It was turning out to be one of the best years I’ve had in quite some time. 

In November the ride ended. I did something which I have wanted to do for years but have always been too scared…I finally got braces! It was one of my New Year’s resolutions. It was awful, I felt every second of every minute for the first ten days but I am proud of myself for going through with it. 2014 had gone by so quickly till the day I got my braces. It was so rewarding and memorable to see my teeth move within the first week of having them.

At the same time my Grandma and Nana had been admitted into two different hospitals for different reasons.  It’s a coincidence you just don’t ever hope for. My parents were away on holiday at the time which only added to the stress.  

I thought I hated hospitals but I realised after my Nana got moved to a nursing home (for rehabilitation for her broken leg) that I hated nursing homes more. My Grandma unfortunately didn’t improve even though I was positive she would. She sadly passed away twelve days before Christmas and less than twenty-four hours from my Grandfather’s anniversary.  I discovered during this period that I come from a long line of strong women.  My Grandma made us laugh until her final days – she was always a character.  


One day I overheard a group conversation on the train about Christmas. One of the ladies said her Dad told her Christmas is fun when you’re a kid and when you have kids, in between it’s just ordinary. I think I have reached the ordinary period. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the abundance of food and catching up with people but the excitement I use to have has been lost. I did receive though enough chocolate to get me through 2015 and beyond :)
Our family had Christmas lunch at my Grandma’s house for the last time. Her house felt empty and was silent. There was not a noise in the kitchen and the table that always had food on it was now empty. After lunch I was off to the nursing home to visit my Nana.

By the end of December I couldn’t wait for the New Year to come. 2014 has been fun it wasn’t all bad but I needed a new start, a fresh canvas to think about all the possibilities 2015 could bring.  

To the people who have been there for me, you know who you are and hopefully you’re reading this I say thank you. I get by with a little help from my friends and I’m grateful for the amazing friends I have.   

2015 I’m ready for you … BRING IT!

Two Words … ‘Love Rat’

The Bachelor, the show is the perfect example of rubbish reality TV at it’s best and of course I got myself addicted to it.  It puzzles me as to ‘why would any woman want to date a man that’s dating 30 other women at the same time’?  Call me crazy but that doesn’t sound like a fun time to me. 
One of the things that I find entertaining is how when one of the bachelorette’s come home from their date with the bachelor, all the other bachelorettes are SO excited to find out how the date went.  They ask all these questions about – what they did on their date? Did they kiss? Do you have a connection with him?  The  bachelorette whose been on the date then gloats about how AMAZING it was, how she’s NEVER felt like this about anyone before, No ONE has ever treated her so well before – if dating a man that is dating 30 other women is classified as being treated well then, women must be drinking a lot of cocktails at these weekly cocktail parties!  After the bachelorettes hear how AMAZING the date went they all get jealous, upset and this seems to happen on a weekly basis like they’ll never learn to … just stop asking in the first place!! So I’m sure if you couldn’t see why I was addicted before, you can now.
This year’s bachelor Blake, had a hard time choosing just one lady – he liked them all!  It must be like when I go to Yum Cha and the trolleys of food go around and I just can’t get myself to choose one dish, I have to try them all!!!
At the finale, Blake finally chooses just one lady, the lovely beautiful Sam.  He proposes to her and she says YES!!! I just want to put this out there, does anyone else find it irrational of him to propose to someone he’s been on like five dates with? While he was dating 29 other women?   
Sam is thinking she is the luckiest girl in the world, she has won the heart of Blake.  The smooth talking, handsome, tall Blake…….BEEP WRONG! Turns out Lisa the runner up is the lucky one because our Blake is actually a love rat! O.M.G WTF who would have ever thought the man sweet talking 30 women is a love rat!!!!!!!
He dumped Sam shortly after the show stopped airing, he said that once they both got back home they realized they both wanted different things.  SAY WHAT??!!!  You’re telling me Blake that in the five short dates you had with Sam, you didn’t know her well enough to realize you both wanted different things even though you proposed to her???? 
I’m in such a state of shock that I think I need a whole block of chocolate.
So of course Blake goes running to Lisa (the runner up) and asks her if she still has feelings for him?  Of course she doesn’t you idiot! You made her believe that you were going to choose her and then dumped her on national TV.  
Who’s left? Louise the young blonde from QLD, the third last girl standing.  He wrote her a love letter because the ONLY reason he dumped her was because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings……dumping a girl because you want to protect them sounds very logical to me.  He takes her on a cheap exotic holiday to Thailand after two weeks of intimate phone conversations because as we know, Blake doesn’t waste time he proposes after five dates.
I don’t know what spell the love rat put on Louise but now they are together even though everyone is telling Louise bad things about him.  My advice Louise, RUNNNNNNNN   

Every Wedding Dress Has A Story

It has taken me a while to write this post.  You know how everything happens at once?  It’s that time of the year where everyone is getting married.  Who doesn’t love a wedding!!!  I’ve been looking forward to Kate’s wedding since the day Dan proposed a year ago.  What made this wedding extra special for me was that one of my very good friends who is such an amazing person finally found someone as amazing as her.    

On the Friday night before the wedding we checked into our hotel Noah’s On The Beach in Newcastle.  It’s a good affordable hotel with great views and yummy food.  After our buffet breakfast Gigi and I were off to the hairdressers.  I love love love getting my hair done!  The New Black Industries is a really trendy hairdresser with the friendliest staff I have ever come across.  Not only is this place ultra-cool, got friendly staff they also offer champagne!!! Now that’s what I call a really good time at the hairdressers.

 The ceremony was beautiful, the bride and bridesmaids looked beautiful, the flowers were beautiful, it was all just beautiful!  

Kate’s mum gave a touching speech, I loved the bit where she said there isn’t a lot of magic in the world, for Kate and Dan to have me at the same party which they were both not planning on going to I think is quite magical.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  With all the evil in this world which we see on the news it’s great to enjoy an occasion where two people found love and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

 The wedding had a 50’s style theme to it.  Kate’s dress was 50 years old but had never been worn.  Sometime after the ceremony while taking photos one of Kate’s lace sleeves ripped.  Not a little rip a BIG rip, if I was Kate I would have been DEVASTATED but not our Kate.  She just kept smiling.  It didn’t faze her she kept going like the trooper she is.  After dinner it was time to dance.  It was on the dance floor where Kate ripped off both sleeves.  The dress still looked just as amazing after she ripped off the sleeves.  

What I took away from the wedding was that there are people like myself who would have let a ripped sleeve get the better of me.  I would have been on the verge of tears, it would have ruined my mood and then there’s people like Kate.  Nothing gets the better of them they always look on the bright side because it’s not the end of the world.  I remember Kate simply saying to me “The dress is 50 years old” when I noticed it with my jaw dropped.

The next time life gets the better of me I’ll remember Kate and her wedding dress.  You can let a wedding dress get the better of you or you can make the most out of the wedding dress.

So readers, do you have any great wedding stories to share? Or know someone who is a trooper like Kate?

Snickers And Me

Me and Snickers have hit a bit of a rough patch. 

Snickers has always been one of those dogs that will bark whenever he hears a noise or in particular people – it has gotten worse.  One of our neighbours is landscaping their backyard so, there are tradesmen working all day making noise which makes Snickers bark.  When no one is home, you can’t yell at him to tell him to stop so I’m sure it drives the neighbours crazy.  The other week I was home on a day I wouldn’t normally be and I could hear him barking from my bedroom so I went outside and yelled “Snickers come here”.  He walks over slowly with his ears and tail down because he knows his in trouble but as soon as I walk away his back barking at the fence again. 

After about the fifth attempt of going back outside and yelling at him I ran out of patience!  My throat was too sore to keep yelling at him so I grabbed the hose and turned it on so only a little bit of water was coming out of it.  It was just enough to start flicking water at him.  It made him stop for a bit and then he started barking again but this time I lost it! I grabbed the hose and started chasing him around the backyard trying to wet him with the hose. 

It would have made a great funniest home video clip.  I would’ve been the one everyone would be laughing at – the idiot running with the hose!

On Sunday my friend was making cupcakes for the RSPCA, I on the other hand was having lots of fun washing my clothes.  I put my clean clothes from the washing machine into the washing basket and went to the verandah to hang them up as it was too  wet to hang them on the outside lines.  Snickers came out of his house excited to see me.  I gave him a hug, rubbed his belly and filled up his water bowl.  I picked up my first item of clothing from the basket and hung it up.  I turned around to see Snickers urinating on my washing basket with my clean clothes in it.

I really wished he understood what I was saying when I screamed “You’re lucky I’m not sending you to the RSPCA”.  He might be better behaved in future. 

Real Stories, Real People

“Frugality, I’ve learned, has its own cost, one that sometimes last forever” – Nicholas Sparks

I once read a quote from a celebrity that said, “I believe to be happy you have to spend more than your means”.  I’m very good at spending my money but not so good at saving it.  An example of me saving is when I go to the cash register at Myer and they tell me the dress I’m purchasing is another 30% off the sale price.  When this happens I’m overwhelmed with happiness and feel like giving myself a pat on the back for a job well done.  As you can see being thrifty is foreign to me so I love when I  get to hear stories about thrifty people.  

My colleague at work loves a bargain, if you want the best price on something you just ask him.  He loves a discount no matter how small.  He was going to travel an hour and a half by bus to Grill’d to get a free burger worth $14.  The only reason he didn’t was because we told him he was mad.  Would you travel that far for a burger?

My friend dated a girl who had this roommate; the lengths the roommate went to to save money will amaze you!  She thought panty liners were too expensive so she decided to make her own from material.  She would also dry them in the lounge room.
She also had a two square toilet paper limit regardless if she was doing a number one or two.  How is that even possible I don’t know?  Is it a brilliant idea or too extreme?
I remember the day I was getting my nails done when one of the customers started talking to me about her workplace.  She worked with a lady who liked to share stories on how she always got the best price.  Her local ice creamery has a 10% off ice cream when it rains.  She was meeting up with her friends on an overcast day and wanted to take a tub of ice cream over to her friends place.  She was late to catch up with her friends because she waited till it started sprinkling so she could get 10% off which came to a saving of under 10 cents.  Do you think your time is better spent with your friends than waiting for it to rain?