2013 In The Eyes Of Google


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“What if Christmas he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more…” Dr. Seuss

 In this day and age you don’t need people as friends when you have your best mate Google to answer all of life’s difficult questions. There is a generation of children who don’t know what life was like before Google. 

What were Australians asking Google in 2013?  Paul Walker, Cory Monteith, Royal Baby and the iPhone 5s were the top searches this year. 

I also came across some unusual and interesting search results I wanted to share so I broke them down into categories.

What Is…

1. What is Twerking 

2. What is Love (It is an emotion you need to get off Google to actually experience)


 1. Did Turtleman Die (Who is Turtleman???)  

 2. Did Jesus Exist

How To…

 1. How To Draw

 2. How To Kiss (There is a saying, practice makes perfect, you need to practice this one kids)

Australian Celebrities

1. Miranda Kerr

2. Michelle Bridges 

TV Shows

1. The Block (I am a fan of both of these shows)

2. My Kitchen Rules


1. Gangnam Style (We need to move on from this song)

2. Blurred Lines


1. ASOS 

 2. Myer


1. Pancakes and chocolate cake (Am I the only person buying these in the packet form?)


1. Tiger

2. Dog

 News Items of 2013

1. Boston Bombing

2. North Korea News


1. Sonny Bill Williams (Really Australia?)

2. Federer

Overseas Destinations

1.  Disneyland (It is after all the happiest place on earth)

2.  Dubai 

Where Is…

1. Where is Perth

2. Where is Dubai (Let me get this straight, Australians want to go to Dubai but we don’t know where it is) 

One thought on “2013 In The Eyes Of Google”

  1. Love this entry it's been an interesting year from the google standpoint. Lol
    What is love and history kiss isn't very promising I hope they work it out in 2014!!! Lol

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