3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe



Where have I been? I’ve been missing in action the past few days doing a personal styling course. It was so much fun, I got met a fabulous group of women and learnt a lot too.

Once I completed the course, I was inspired to sort through my own wardrobe. Here are my tips on how you can get the most out of your wardrobe.

  1. You should love everything in your wardrobe. I cleaned out my wardrobe last September so, I didn’t think I owned anything I didn’t already love until I had another look. Take the time to go through your wardrobe and giveaway anything you no longer love. Three years ago, you probably loved that furry sweater but do you still love it now? Have you worn it recently? Does it still fit you? What are the chances of you wearing it in the next six months? If you answer ‘no’ to either of those questions, it’s probably time to part ways. Coming from a self confessed hoarder clothes breakups are hard.  When I have no more room in my wardrobe, my only option is to get rid of something else. It’s actually a really good feeling and I never miss what I get rid of.
2. There is no wrong way to organise your wardrobe, it’s whatever works for you. My wardrobe is split into two – corporate and weekend clothes. I found arranging my clothes in this order made finding what to wear each morning a lot quicker then when I arranged my wardrobe by colours. This is my preference but may not work for everyone. You might like to arrange your clothes seasonally, by colour, by garment so, you might put all your dresses together, pants etc. You might like to arrange your clothes from casual to dressy.  If you don’t have a system in your wardrobe, choose one based on what determines what you wear each day. If you choose by what colour you feel like wearing sort by colour. If your current system isn’t working for you now is a good time to change it.

3. Now that you have gone through your wardrobe and kept what you love, you’re responsible for getting wear out of everything in your wardrobe. I know a few of you will be thinking “but I don’t have anywhere to wear them too?” Make an occasion to wear them. Who owns chinaware that never gets used? Life goes by way too quickly, so celebrate the small things with fine china. Dress up for no other reason than to feel good.

If you’re in Sydney and were after a styling session with me or know someone who might benefit from one you can shoot me an email at notsopeachie@gmail.com



10 thoughts on “3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe”

  1. I totally agree that you have to make your way through and get rid of everything you don’t LOVE and wear often. The rest is just making it hard to manage. When I get back from my holiday, I’m going to tackle my wardrobe again, it’s out of control. Thanks for the post lady!

  2. I love those tips they are very practical. I began sorting my wardrobe by colour then I started breaking up work and weekend wear. I like this better cos now I feel like it’s the weekend when I wear those clothes rather than wear all my clothes to work.

  3. I’m doing the “coat hanger around the other way” method to cull the wardrobe and it’s totally working!!!! Who knew I had so much crap piling up!

  4. Just popped over from #wardrobewednesday on Kimba Likes and I’m now standing here reading your post and staring at my wardrobe which is so full I can’t actually push the clothes along the rail anymore! Your tips are definitely appreciated!

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