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Did you ever play dress ups as a kid? How joyous was it to dress up in clothes that weren’t your own?  To pretend you were all grown up? Never being worried about how silly you looked or if it was flattering. No fear of being judged… it was all about having fun.


What I still love about getting all dressed up is, the freedom to experiment and tailor your own personal style. You can be rock chic one day and bohemian the next. It’s a fun way to channel your creative side.  Everyday I visualise being a blank canvas and I try to paint a different picture.






There was something about denim dungaree dresses I was drawn too. My first initial thought was, “I can’t wear this, what will people think”? Gotta looovvvee insecurities. I quickly kicked this thought to the curb because that’s where it belongs. Logically I know as a personal stylist you can adopt any trend and make it work for you.


It’s easy to shy away from a trend because you either feel like it’s not age appropriate or you don’t have the body to pull it off. Age and body shape isn’t important when you find the right cut, colour and shape for you.






I looked long and hard before I found the dungaree dress for me. Seriously, it took me a long long time.  Write a list of what you’re looking for, that’s going to work for your body shape. I’m short so, it couldn’t be too long but I didn’t want it too short. All my big butt friends know we need something fitted otherwise our butt just looks even bigger. For the width of my shoulder, I don’t want straps too narrow. Your list will remind you of what you’re looking for and prevent you from buying impulsively because it’s so easy to.


This River Island denim dungaree dress I’m wearing a size 12. I bought this dress a couple of months ago when it was colder which is why I’m wearing a long sleeve top and stockings. In spring you can style this dress with a t-shirt and sandals.



So readers, do like making trends your own? Do you enjoy dressing up?


3 thoughts on “Adopt a Trend & Make It Your Own”

  1. Those dungarees look like they were made for you. I am still discovering my style lol I wear happy colours that makes me feel good. Summer clothes are my favourite ❤️

  2. That’s a great attitude to have! I think you’ve gotta wear it with confidence or else where’s the fun in dressing up 😀

  3. You look so great. I love colour and have fun mixing and matching.
    I love reading your posts. Keep them coming’!

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