5 Positives For Going Back To Work


A lot people will be returning back to work today and let’s be honest unless you’re absolutely in love with your job it’s a dreaded day for most.  I can’t work miracles and get your boss to call you and to say have another day off but I can share five positives for returning to work.


  • We go back to a routine and routines are good for us.  Routines make us more productive, help our bodies to get into a regular sleeping pattern, we tend to spend less money and eat healthier how often do we put in weight during the holidays especially the Christmas period.


  • Why do we go to work? $$$$ without money we can’t go on holidays, go to the hairdresser, pay our mobile bill so we can go on social media or order Menulog while watching Netflix’s.


  • You have a job to go to and that’s something to be happy about.  Anyone who’s struggled with finding a job knows how hard and stressful it can be.


  • You’re accruing annual leave right now as you work so you’re that much closer to having enough leave to go back on holidays.


  • You’re not alone everyone, else in the office is feeling just as miserable as you are so hang in there.


So readers, how was your first day back or are you still on holidays?

New Year New Outlook For 2016



At the end of every year, I use to have a mini breakdown trying to think of what I had achieved that year. About ten years ago I got real serious about my New Years resolutions. I would come up with three things I wanted to achieve. I would commit myself to them during the year and achieve at least two of the things on my list.  My goals were never grand but I would choose things that were important to me, whether it be finishing a course, getting my license or saving money.


At the end of the year when I would reflect on what I had achieved, I knew I could always come up with at least two things to challenge me and having two goals ticked off was always a comfort to me.


I’ve had a few days now to think about my New Year Resolutions. This year, I want to focus more on life and the type of person I want to be, rather than ticking things off my list.


Here is my New Year’s Resolution List for 2016:


Stay Positive – Being positive is my coping mechanism.  Being positive always pulls me through.  It can be a struggle to stay positive all the time and that’s why it’s on my list.


Breathe More – Someone who is relaxed takes more breaths per minute than someone who is stressed.


Listen – I want to pay attention more to family and friends when they speak so they know they’ve been heard.  Everybody wants to feel heard.


Guilt Free – I feel bad or guilty a lot of the time.  Things that are out of my control and have nothing to do with me – it feels like extra baggage I really don’t need to be carrying.

Enjoy Life – Not getting stressed or upset over things that won’t matter next week.


Declutter – It’s really therapeutic to clean out what you don’t need.  It’s something I’m not good at which is why I need to work on it in 2016.


Be Grateful – I’ve recently started writing down before I go to bed each night what I’m grateful for and why.  It amazes me at how many things I can come up with in one day. My list is never the same.  There’s nothing better to think of before going to sleep than what you’re most grateful for.


Never Stop Believing – In myself.


The year is what we make of it so let’s make 2016 a good one.


So readers, tell me do you have New Year resolutions? What are your resolutions for 2016?

What I Wore: Work Christmas Party



It was that time of the year again, when people drink too much and make a fool of themselves in front of their colleagues.  Yes I’m talking about the annual work Christmas party.  For the last four years there’s always been a certain dress theme so, it was a nice change to be able to dress up as myself, rather than Pocahontas who I dressed up as last year.


Last Friday night, I bought this Sunny girl dress a couple of weeks ago for my Christmas party and I couldn’t wait to show you it.  This dress was my first purchase from Evergreen clothing. I stumbled across this shop on Instagram.  If I ever need anything I just go on Instagram these days because that’s where I’ll find it and even if I don’t need anything I’ll still find something I want on Instagram.  If you’re broke or trying to save money stay off Instagram that would be my recommendation ladies, if you’re anything like me.


photo 1



I saw this dress on Evergreen clothing and I fell in love with the print. The v neckline which is great for busty women and its knee length is the perfect length for hanging out with work colleagues.  Just one problem, the store is in Mornington and I live in Sydney, I’m not traveling interstate for a dress.  I click on the link to their website in their Instagram profile and their website isn’t ready yet for purchasing online.  At this point I don’t know whether to give up and find another dress for my Christmas party or ask the question on Instagram, is there a way I can purchase this dress?  I sent them an email and they quickly responded. Mel always replied to my emails in a friendly and helpful manner.  I wanted to mention this because working in customer service myself I appreciate friendly and efficient people, adds to the buying experience.


If this Sunny girl dress isn’t for you and you have an Instagram account, you need to checkout Evergreen clothing because they have some beautiful clothing at affordable prices.  If you don’t have Instagram you need to get onto that ASAP!


The dress is made out of 100% spun rayon,  lightweight and breathable which is perfect for hot Australian summer days.  There is a zipper down the side and ribbon to tie a bow.  I’m wearing a size 12.


Tan or white shoes would be perfect to wear with this dress.


So readers do you love this dress too? Are you also addicted to Instagram?


Christmas Gift Ideas For Men


A reader asked if I could do a post on Christmas gift ideas for men and I wasn’t surprised by this request.  Males are so hard to buy for.  Whenever I ask my brother “What would you like for Christmas?” the reply is always the same. ‘I don’t know’ or ‘money’ and sometimes something that’s too expensive, like a car.  He knows I’m not Oprah and I can’t afford to buy him a car but I think he likes getting a rise out of me.

Here are my picks for affordable gift ideas for men.  There’s something here for every kind of man.



Bonds trunks


Mothers can’t help buying underwear for their sons.  Every year without fail my nana would buy my dad underwear for Christmas.  Even after having three children of his own, I think she still felt like it was her duty as his mother to make sure he had plenty of underwear.  I couldn’t pass up not putting these sexy Bonds trunksTheir is currently a 30% off sale for all underwear and free shipping on all orders Australian wide.



itunes gift card


iTunes vouchers – For the music and game lovers, no matter how old they are they’ll appreciate an iTunes voucher as long as they own an iPhone or iPad.  I asked my brother last year to get me an iTunes voucher so I could buy myself music and audiobooks.  You can purchase iTunes vouchers from supermarkets, any large retailer such as Myer and Target.



Car care kit


For the men who refer to there car as their ‘baby’ this Supercheap Auto Meguiar’s New Car Kit – 8 Piece is the gift for them.  An 8 piece set of car cleaning goodness for only $73.99.  There are a variety of kits to choose from Supercheap Auto so, if your not keen on this one checkout the others on offer. 




ABC Gardening Australia Magazine


My dad is also really hard to buy for because he’s not materialistic at all.  I was struggling to think of what to buy him for his birthday back in May, when a colleague suggested a subscription to a gardening magazine.  I thought brilliant idea, he loves gardening and loves watching gardening shows.  I bought him a 12 month subscription to the ABC Gardening Magazine.  It’s so affordable and he loves receiving his monthly magazine so much that for Christmas I’m renewing his subscription.  I also sent an email asking a question and received a really informative reply. Love me some good customer service.



Trimmer & Groomer


For all the men who like to be clean shaven or you might have someone in mind who is in desperate need of a shave, I have the perfect thing.  I asked someone who knows more than I do about trimmers of a brand they recommend and they said Wahl.  This Li-ion Trimmer & Groomer + Detail is over $100 but it’s still at a great price of $129.95.


So readers, are you stuck on what to buy … a particular guy? 



How Is Your November Going?



This is a first on Notsopeachie.  Like Meet Me At Mikes’s  I’m taking stock like she does every month.  Its a fun way of sharing what you’ve been up to this month or remembering what you did if its flown by too quickly.  Feel free to write how your month has been going by using the words below. 

Making : Lists, forever making lists.  My lists have lists.  Never ending lists.

Cooking : HAHA! That’s what Menulog’s for.

Drinking : Soy cappuccino, no sugar.

Reading : The TV guide.

Wanting: A million dollars.  This time of the year makes me broke.

Looking: Like I need a deep sleep for a very long time.

Playing: Wildest Dreams, yes I do enjoy a bit of Tay Tay.

Deciding: What I’m going to wear to work tomorrow.  It really does save time if I organise it from the night before which doesn’t happen often.

Wishing: For a holiday somewhere tropical.

Enjoying: My weekends having fun with great people.

Waiting: For the finishing touches to Notsopeachie to be completed.  I’m so impatient.

Liking: Daylight savings.  Its so great to have daylight at 7:30pm.

Loving: Nectarines this year especially the ones I’ve eaten so far have been delicious.

Pondering: If I made a sex tape (I’m not saying I’m going too) would anyone watch it let alone end up as famous as Kim Kardashian?

Considering: Cutting my hair.  I always think about cutting it shorter but I don’t think I ever will.

Buying: Christmas presents and lots of them.

Watching: The Biggest Loser.

Cringing: At my nails.  I hate seeing regrowth I really need time to get them done.

Needing: To go to the chemist before my prescription runs out.

Questioning: Why it’s Monday tomorrow and how I don’t want to go to work.

Smelling: Garlic, someone’s eating something with garlic.

Wearing: A white long sleeve v neckline dress from Boohoo.

Following: So many great retail companies on Instagram it’s feeding my shopping addiction.

Noticing: How white my legs are and how badly I need a tan.

Thinking: I’m trying to cut down on the thinking.  Too many thoughts running through my head causing my head to hurt.

Admiring: All the beautiful fashion out right now.  All the gorgeous Christmas presents I would totally love for myself.

Sorting: my stuff.  I have so much stuff.  It’s taking a lot longer to go through everything than I anticipated.

Getting: An adult colouring book and pencils.  I’ve heard colouring in is good to relax so I’m going to give it a go.

Bookmarking: So many outfits I love which I can’t justify buying….yet!

Coveting: To get back into a routine so I can have more time to get more things crossed off my list.

Disliking: The thought of tax increasing to 15%.

Giggling: Over these videos I’ve been watching on Instagram.

Feeling: Tired and slightly stressed with everything I want to do.

Snacking: I don’t snack a lot except when I have a draining  week like last week.  I ate chocolate and a packet of twisties.

Hearing: the sound of the fan it’s been very humid lately.



Did you enjoy How Is Your November Going? Should I do it next month?



All I Want For Christmas

The other week I posted my first All I Want For Christmas post – filled with gift ideas for Christmas.  If you missed it you can see it here.  Not long till Christmas now and this week’s gift ideas are aimed for teenage girls (around that age) – they sure can be a hard crowd to please.  It’s got to be trendy and cool so hopefully there is something below that will save you from receiving that unimpressed expression teenage girls are so good at giving.
Rubi clutch
Who doesn’t love rose gold or a clutch?  Combine the two together and you get this Rubi Tech clutch for just $19.95.  Who doesn’t love rose gold or a clutch?  Combine the two together and you get this Rubi Tech clutch for just $19.95.  This clutch is a beautiful accessory to compliment any outfit this party season. Free standard shipping is offered to all orders over $55, otherwise it’s $10 for shipping.  You can purchase it here.
Cotton On towel


How cute is this watermelon beach towel?  There are different patterns to choose from but this one is my favourite.  Round beach towels are becoming more popular and are appearing everywhere.  I love the idea of a round beach towel, taking a classic and putting a new spin on it. Perfect gift for anyone who loves the beach. This is the cheapest round towel I found at $30 from Cotton On.  To purchase it click here.  Free standard shipping on orders over $55.



Cotton On Tripod


They may have a selfie stick but do they have a selfie tripod?  Available in three colours, it elevates the phone by 15cm, 360° Rotation, 90° tilt and it’s only $14.95 from Cotton On.  Cotton On have some great gift ideas so do check out their website.  You can purchase the selfie tripod  here.



Cupid necklace



This necklace symbolises everlasting love.  Simple but elegant.  I’ve selected the 50cm chain but there’s also a 75cm option.  It’s made out of solid sterling silver and no charge of shipping.  You can purchase it here for $49.



So readers tell me how is your Christmas shopping coming along? Have you started?

All I Want For Christmas



About six weeks ago I was shopping in Target for underwear when I heard the song ‘The First Noel’ start playing. An overwhelming feeling came over me, I wasn’t ready to think about Christmas yet and I was still coming to terms with it being October – like when did that happen!  With six weeks till Christmas it was time to face the music, Christmas was coming and it was approaching faster than the speed of light.


Last year was a really sad time of the year for me after losing my grandma just a few weeks before Christmas.  This year I’m hoping it will be more of a joyous time and filled with the Christmas spirit once again.


For me personally my favourite part of Christmas besides stuffing my face with food is buying presents for people. I love putting thought into a gift that I think a person will really appreciate and love seeing their face light up when they unwrap it. I see present exchanging as an opportunity to make someone happy who might look happy on the outside but not necessarily on the inside.  A little thought can really make a difference to someone.


I do sometimes get stuck on what to buy people and I know I’m not the only one, so that’s how I came up with All I Want For Christmas.  For the next six weeks leading up to Christmas I’ll post affordable gift ideas to hopefully make your life easier. You might even find something for those people who are hard to buy for.  You can do your Christmas shopping online in the comfort of your own home, without the stress of trying to find an expensive parking spot at crowded shopping centres.



Sephora’s Mirenesse Mini Velvet Lip Plumper Mania – Nudes x 4  is a perfect stocking filler or Kris Kringle present. I picked nude because I love the nude colours but there are others to choose from. I want to buy these for myself, great colours and they plump up your lips … what’s there not to love? You can purchase all four for just $33. Sephora have free delivery when you spend $55 or over.  Sephora has so many great products to choose from. If you purchase a second item its free delivery otherwise shipping cost is $15.



Cotton Collective Pack



You’re either a tea drinker or a coffee drinker and my friends who love their tea LOVE T2.  We all know someone who loves tea and this Cotton Collective Pack contains 80 teabags which would be a dream for any tea lover. This pack is $85 and standard shipping is free. They also do gift wrapping, what more could we ask for?



Kikki leather_personal_planner_medium_ocean_cover



Stationery has certainly transformed since I was at school. Kikki.K not only has bright and colourful stationery but has useful tools to get you organised like this Textured Leather Personal Planner.  I’ve chosen the colour Ocean but there are many to choose from.  This planner isn’t just great for stationery lovers but for anyone. I have chosen the medium size because its a good size to fit your handbag. There is a larger size available. It costs $64.95 and it qualifies for free shipping.






Bras N Things have a great sleepwear range. I love this Sweet Gingham PJ nightshirt in light pink. I think its a great alternative from other sleepwear people may have in their wardrobes.  It’s only $39.99 and express delivery is just $9.50.



If you have other suggestions for gift ideas please share.  I will be back next week with more Christmas present ideas.


Exercising And Looking Good While Doing It



Let me start off by saying I’ve never been a big fan of exercising. I’ve tried different forms of exercising from kickboxing to Zumba, pole dancing to jogging but have never found anything I’ve stuck with longer than two years. There’s also the sweating factor and my hair getting dirty and that’s just an inconvenience.

I got a big surprise when I had a blood test to find my cholesterol was a bit too high. It wasn’t high enough to be of great concern about but my doctor recommended for me to cut out the bad food and to start exercising. I’m only 28, I didn’t think I would have to worry about health issues like cholesterol till I was at least 50. Since I don’t like exercise and am very lazy, I found it hard to come up with an exercise plan I was going to stick too. I procrastinated and did nothing for a few months till I went bridesmaid dress shopping. I was aware I had put on weight as I don’t weigh myself but my clothes had become tight to the point I could no longer wear some of them. It’s such an awful feeling when you want to wear something and it doesn’t fit. So there I am, sitting on the lounge in the change room that’s bigger than my bedroom. In one hand is a glass of champagne and in the other the ten dresses that couldn’t zip up. As horrible as it felt it was the kick in the butt I needed.

I had this tutor in year 12 who tried ever so hard to get me to study. He suggested I buy a new desk lamp or stationery something that would entice me to sit at my desk. So if you haven’t already guessed what I bought to motivate me to exercise I bought new gym clothes!

I discovered Elsa Active on Instagram and I fell in love with all the colourful patterned active wear. There is something about patterns and colours that just makes me happy.






Wearing the Ambra Short Sleeve Top in medium by Abi and Joseph. It comes in a range of colours. The material is gorgeous and so comfortable to wear.

The Dreamcatcher 7/8 tights are full length on me because I’m so short but this doesn’t bother me at all because I love the feel and the shape they give me. These are also by Abi and Joseph, wearing medium.

This year I will be ready for summer and I’ll be doing it in style.

Are you ready for summer? Do you enjoy exercising?

Friday Review: Never Have Dry Lips Again


Lip balm was something I used religiously as a teenager. During classes at school, I would apply it every 15 minutes then check my lips out using my pocket mirror to make sure they were looking luscious. Lip balm was great, it was affordable, came in a variety of delicious flavours and small enough to fit into your dress pocket. When I finished school and got myself a real full time job, I wanted to be an adult and use what the big kids use. I said a tearful goodbye to $3.50 lip balm and said ‘hello’ to luxury cosmetics.

Ten years later, I’m at the chemist walking down every aisle trying to find a particular lip balm for a friend when something coral and aqua caught my eye.  I do fall for pretty packaging and I love the colour combinations of Maybelline ‘Baby Lips’ lip balm.  The coral and aqua coloured lip balm was lychee flavoured and since I’m a huge lychee lover, this lip balm was definitely coming home with me.




The good thing about the lychee smell is that it’s not overpowering, the bad thing is the smell doesn’t last long.  It has no taste and applies on clear.  As soon as you apply Maybelline’s ‘Baby Lips’ lip balm, your lips feel soft, supple and look plump.  I couldn’t believe this lip balm made my lips look bigger!  Finding a product that makes your lips look bigger that doesn’t involve a needle is important to some but finding a product that heals cracked lips and lasts even after food and drink, is just as important.  Lips are just a thin layer of skin and they are exposed to the weather, food, drinks and certain movements, like kissing.

I asked my friend Heba to look at the ingredients to see if what I’m putting on my lips is safe.  It has shea butter in it which is a great natural moisturiser.  Shea butter helps with skin cell regeneration and helps heal damaged skin.  It’s also the reason why my lips feel so soft and supple after I apply the lip balm.  Another ingredient is candelilla wax, it’s a natural emollient that keeps lips soft.  Maybelline’s ‘Baby Lips’ also has an ingredient called hexadecane copolymer and it helps create a film on your lips which makes the lip balm last longer and this lip balm does exactly that! Heba is personally not a fan of petrolatum unless it’s pure and certified.

You can purchase Maybelline’s ‘Baby Lips’ from any supermarket and chemist.  Whether you’re a teenager or an adult I highly recommend this lip balm.

Have you tried this lip balm? Do you use Maybelline products? Do you like lip balms?

iCurvy’s September SPIN the PIN




Jo from iCurvy has taken this pin from They All Hate Us for this month’s challenge.  What I do is put my own spin to it, using my style but inspiration from the pin.  This pin shows two ladies looking hot and feminine wearing denim on denim.  I love chambray and light denim especially in warmer weather.  The leopard, stripes, scarf and heels really gives it that modern chic look.


Here is my comfortable but still chic spin.



September Spin the pin

The jacket was a gift but here is a similar one // Chambray dress is last seasons from Mix Apparel but here is a similar one from Mix Apparel // You can buy these Tory Burch thongs here // Necklace was from eBay here is a similar one from The Adorn Collective

Firstly I want to apologize about the picture quality this photo was taken as the sun was setting.  I went for more of a comfortable approach opting for thongs over heels, I live in Australia so thongs are totally acceptable.  These thongs have a leather strap and gold detail so they are still quite feminine.  I love tan and denim they go together like strawberries and chocolate.  To brake up the denim on denim and to add some sparkle to the outfit and also because I love some bling I’ve added a statement piece which I got from eBay a few years ago.  This chambray dress is really comfortable and practical to wear and it’s right on trend this season.  Denim jackets are a classic, who hasn’t owned a denim jacket in their life?  This one came all the way from Spain. 

To play along share your spin on instagram by tagging @icurvy #spinthepin.   

What would be your spin on this pin?