The One That Got Away

“The worst part is knowing that even if I walk away, my heart will always be waiting for you to follow”

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Why does the only one that got away hold a tighter grip on you than all the rest you sent away?


 You haven’t spoken to him in seven months, you think you have moved on and then you make the bad decision and you contact him.  

You have been on a detox for the last seven months drinking nothing but vegetables and green juices.  You have completely stayed away from confectionery and fast food because you know nothing ever good comes from it, you eat it then feel sick and regret it.  Here you are though tempted by an Oreo McFlurry and you think, what is the worst that could happen from one Oreo McFlurry?  I like to compare him with sugar because they are both highly addictive and not speaking to him is like being on a detox.  

Writing the email your heart is pounding and you know you have to just write it and send it quickly so you don’t think about it for a minute longer.  
You ask him how his life is, the one you are no longer in.  You make the mistake by hitting the Send button. 

Reading the reply feels like someone has tied up your hands and feet and pushed you off a boat.  Have you not already learnt there is no point trying to burn him because the only person you end up burning is yourself?

They are doing well, yes they the girl he chose over you.  It turns out his quite busy living his life without you.  He compliments you because that’s what guys do who don’t want to come across as the bad guy.  You are now remembering the first time he touched your face and told you he loved you.  The time he told you you were the love of his life and your legs turned into jelly.  This is when you start to regret hitting the send button. 


He will always be the one that got away and you’ll always be the girl he didn’t chose but you’re not the same person you were seven months ago, you’re stronger now.  So you do what all smart girls do, you don’t reply back, you delete his email, you crank up Beyoncé’s Best thing I never had and you sing along channeling your own inner diva.

What’s Snickers Thinking?

We took in our dog Snickers a year and half ago after his previous owner was no longer well enough to look after him anymore.  His been part of our family ever since.  If dogs can be soul mates Snickers is mine.  I think pets are great companions.

Which brings me to my question, pet owners have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking? I often wonder and that’s why I’m going to do a weekly post where I guess, what’s Snickers thinking? It might sound crazy and maybe it is but I’ll soon find out what people think 🙂  

Did I hear lamb chops?

Save A Day To See Saving Mr Banks

“I am not pretty. I am not beautiful.  I am as radiant as the sun” – Suzanne Collins

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 I still love going to the movies it brings back happy childhood memories of first dates, getting kicked out of the cinema from being too loud, movie marathons, birthday’s and eating choc tops and popcorn and not caring about the calories.  


 My movie buddy Gigi and I went and saw Saving Mr Banks on the weekend, I wouldn’t normally write about a movie unless

P.L. Travers Picture Sourced From

 I could say that at the end of year I will still remember it and at the end of 2014 I will remember Saving Mr Banks.

Walt Disney has been trying for 20 years to make his daughters favourite book Mary Poppins into a movie after a promise he made them.  Finally in 1961 the Australian author Pamela Travers reluctantly decides to go to LA for two weeks to go over the ideas for the movie but only because she has run out of money since no one is buying her book anymore.  Pamela doesn’t like any of the ideas Walt Disney and his team has come up with and won’t budge.  She also hasn’t signed over the book rights to Walt Disney and therefore Walt is doing everything he can to make this stubborn, prickly author happy.  We see flashbacks of this beautiful father daughter relationship Pamela had with her father Mr Banks.  Pamela adored her father but he was an alcoholic and watching his behaviour when he was drunk was heart breaking for her and her mother. Pamela finally does let go of her past and forgives herself which allows her to finally be happy and sign over the rights.

The movie has its funny moments but it also has its sad moments.  Gigi and I can’t remember the last time we cried in a movie and the both of us had tears running down our face.  The man behind us was crying so loudly I wanted to turn around and say “Can you please cry quietly like the rest of us”. The movie did end on a happy note like all movies should in my opinion.

P.L. Travers and Walt Disney Picture Sourced From

I loved the movie because it was funny but moved me to the point that I cried, I loved the cast, the fact it was based on an Australian author and there was Australian scenes but I also loved how women in the 1960’s dressed, so seeing Pamela Travers rocking a perm with pearls while always in a skirt suit looking feminine and sophisticated was awesome.

Emma Thompson who played the character of Pamela Travers was brilliant.  Tom Hanks played Walt Disney and was very charming in this movie.  Colin Farrell played Mr Banks so he was the eye candy.  I also have to mention Annie Rose Buckley who played Ginty she was great and is from the Western suburbs and I hope to see more of her in the future.  The movie is rated PG so it’s suitable for the family.

The movie is getting a lot of tweets on Twitter, if you have watched it I would love for you to share your thoughts.

Who Pays On The First Date?

“The worst thing a man can ever do is kiss me on the first date.”- Halle Berry

I was getting my nails painted when I received a text from my friend Bron asking me if I had been to the restaurant Saké at The Rocks.  I sent her a text back saying yes the food is amazing; bring your wallet though what is the occasion? She replied I’m going on a first date there on Sunday, he chose the restaurant and booked it I have had a look on the menu and I hope he pays….

Saké Restaurant & Bar is a three hat restaurant, it has excellent reviews online and I would personally recommend it to anyone who likes Japanese food.  Having said that it’s not cheap and you need to order a few dishes to get full especially if you’re not ordering sushi.  

In the 21st Century I don’t believe the man should always get the bill, women have become so independent over the decades, have fought for equal rights and I know women who get paid more than their partners and that’s just a few reasons why I believe in going halves and I know Bron feels the same way.  Having said that, on the first date I would like him to pay especially if he chose the place but when the bill arrives I’ll still reach for my wallet because I don’t think you can assume that the guy is willing to pay for it all and I also think it is the polite thing to do. 


As Bron’s date has chosen and booked the restaurant I assume he intends on paying but it does put Bron in an awkward situation if she doesn’t want to spend that much money, is it too late to suggest to him to eat somewhere else? or can we just assume that his just going to pay?


Would love to hear your thoughts.

My Encounter With Nick Lachey

” I live in a world of fantasy so keep your reality away from me
I see what I want
I want what I see and that is all okay by me” – Itzan C Kret

I was having a conversation the other day with my friend Eva about how we don’t get excited about things like we use to, more so Eva than me.  Its understandable Eva is 10 years older than me and has accomplished more than I could ever dream of.  Which made me remember that not so long ago I use to wake up every day and whole heartily believe that something great was going to happen that day.  Come to think about it there was very few days nothing exciting happened, maybe that’s the key being open to believe that something will happen.  It reminds me of the time I was coming back home from Vegas.   


We were sleep deprived after spending a week in sin city and getting mild food poisoning from eating fried chicken that didn’t look like chicken the day before didn’t help. At LAX airport waiting for our connecting flight back to Sydney we were so tired we passed out.  I’m surprised we made our flight or that nobody stole our handbags or suitcases.  

As I’m going up the steps to board the V Australia plane I turn around to my friend Kate and say “I didn’t see a celebrity, at the beginning of the week I said we need to see a celebrity while we were in Vegas”.  Kate said patiently “Chantelle we had a great time; you won money, saw shows, bought lots of clothes, went to clubs and The Grand Canyon”.  She had a point so I continued walking up the stairs which everyone waiting in line behind us was grateful for.

I’m walking through first class to get to my seat in economy when I bump into this man putting his suitcase in the overhead compartments.  His back was facing me and I wanted to apologise. He turned around and absolutely was gorgeous! I couldn’t help but look at him and stare.  He just stood there, didn’t move or say a word like he had been trained for exactly these situations.  The longer I stared at him the more I realised he looked familiar but I couldn’t pick where I knew him from.  The lady sitting down (which I learnt later on was his wife) was looking at me with this concerned look on her face like she was worried for his safety so I thought I better keep walking before I cause a commotion.  I get to my seat and say to Kate “I know that man from somewhere but I can’t remember from where”.  Kate somehow didn’t see me bump into anyone.  The guy sitting to my right then turns and says “That was Nick Lachey, I’m going to leave you two girls to it and sit in one of the empty seats”.

Resolution Time!

“Take your dreams to the gym. Without action, nothing happens” – Gonzo Arzuaga

 I had this moment seven years ago where I was freaking out to this girl I use to know because I felt like I hadn’t achieved anything that year.  She simply said to me there is always next year and it was from that moment I decided to get serious about New Year Resolutions.  

A common New Year Resolution is to lose weight but it’s also the resolution people give up after a month.  Lets be honest, there are the Michelle Bridges of the world and then there is everyone else. I don’t know about you but I haven’t met many Michelle Bridges equivalents (for my US readers Michelle Bridges is Australia’s version of Jillian Michaels).  I classify myself in the lazy ass category so I thought I could share my ” tips” that might just help another lazy ass achieve their New Year Resolutions.

I like to have three resolutions but that’s entirely up to you based on what you want to achieve and how many you can honestly handle.  
I have one big resolution which is always something I have been putting off because of fear (I’m scared of a lot of things), this year I have to get braces.
My second resolution is something that will better me, this year I want to be able to take my dog Snickers for a run without feeling like I’m going to die after 20 minutes.
My third resolution is something fun or practical, this year I won’t allow myself to buy anymore body products i.e. face and body moisturisers until I have used up everything that I already own which is taking up all my bathroom cupboard space. 

My first resolution to get it moving along I need to make appointments with orthodontists.  For me this will be the most difficult part because it’s the first step and the first step is always the hardest. It requires me to get three referrals, call and go to the appointment.  I will set a date that this has to be done by 31st of March.  If this hasn’t been done by that date my punishment is I can’t buy anything for myself for a month and for me that is punishment!

My second resolution is going to be really hard for me because I HATE exercising and I’m lazy. My tutor in high school told me to buy something exciting for my desk to motivate me to sit at it and study, bless his cotton socks for trying but nothing was going to get me to study but it did give me the idea to buy workout clothes.  I will probably have to buy new workout clothes every three months but it will be worth it.  You also need a partner to go with, someone reliable who isn’t going to bail on you and motivate you to get up off your ass.  Snickers is going to be my partner as he will never say no to a run and he runs faster than me so he pulls me along.

My last resolution requires self restraint and a reminder not to purchase anymore of these products.  I write my New Year Resolutions in my phone because I’m always looking at my phone so it’s a constant reminder.  You can put them on your fridge or your bedside table whatever you look at on a daily basis. I’m also going to display all my products to visually remind me of what is in the cupboards.

Good Luck!

To The New Year

      “Tomorrow, is  the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one” – Brad Paisley



As I write in my “shopping counts as cardio notebook”, I can’t help but reflect on the year that has been.  The good memories I’ll remember for years to come and the not so good memories which have made me stronger and hopefully wiser. The beautiful people who I have been lucky enough to enjoy this year with and the unexpected unusual people I always seem to met along the way.
If you asked me last year what I hoped for in 2013 I would have given you a long unrealistic list. Today as I was looking at my “be happy” candle which I got as a Christmas present, I thought about how easy it is to forget about what is important. So for 2014 I’m going back to basics, I just want to be happy. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone focused on being happy.
In 2014 may we be resilient through the tough times, courageous when scared shit less and brave when people aren’t always kind to us.

2013 In The Eyes Of Google


Currently playing on my iPhone is All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

“What if Christmas he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more…” Dr. Seuss

 In this day and age you don’t need people as friends when you have your best mate Google to answer all of life’s difficult questions. There is a generation of children who don’t know what life was like before Google. 

What were Australians asking Google in 2013?  Paul Walker, Cory Monteith, Royal Baby and the iPhone 5s were the top searches this year. 

I also came across some unusual and interesting search results I wanted to share so I broke them down into categories.

What Is…

1. What is Twerking 

2. What is Love (It is an emotion you need to get off Google to actually experience)


 1. Did Turtleman Die (Who is Turtleman???)  

 2. Did Jesus Exist

How To…

 1. How To Draw

 2. How To Kiss (There is a saying, practice makes perfect, you need to practice this one kids)

Australian Celebrities

1. Miranda Kerr

2. Michelle Bridges 

TV Shows

1. The Block (I am a fan of both of these shows)

2. My Kitchen Rules


1. Gangnam Style (We need to move on from this song)

2. Blurred Lines


1. ASOS 

 2. Myer


1. Pancakes and chocolate cake (Am I the only person buying these in the packet form?)


1. Tiger

2. Dog

 News Items of 2013

1. Boston Bombing

2. North Korea News


1. Sonny Bill Williams (Really Australia?)

2. Federer

Overseas Destinations

1.  Disneyland (It is after all the happiest place on earth)

2.  Dubai 

Where Is…

1. Where is Perth

2. Where is Dubai (Let me get this straight, Australians want to go to Dubai but we don’t know where it is) 

They’re Hot, Have Wings and Know a Secret

This morning on my way to work
 I’m listening to Have Yourself A Merry
 Little Christmas by Kelly Clarkson from her album Wrapped in Red


“Beauty is nothing without  strength” – Adriana Lima


 This week aired the 18th annual Victoria Secret Fashion show and just like the previous years it did not disappoint.

I remember watching my first VS fashion show, I was a teenager and I was flipping through the television channels and I stumbled across it.  My first thought was who are these ladies and what planet do they come from? My second thought was I wonder where I can buy those wings from?
 My friends and I had our own favourite VS model and mine was Adriana Lima.  She is my girl crush, not only is she amazingly beautiful but when she is on that stage she just owns it.  I couldn’t imagine her being a clumsy person who spills coffee on herself on her way to work like I do regularly.

I remember the first time I went into a VS store in LA, I was like a child in a candy store.  I think I literally bought one of everything in that store; from plain to patterned panties, cotton bras to push up lacy bras, pyjamas, body lotion, make up bag, singlet tops and shorts. I walked out of that store carrying six bags of stuff with the attitude that I was the new VS angel in town!  

When I got back home to Sydney I was so excited to try on all my new stuff.  I put on my Love Spell body lotion and sprayed the perfume, decided to wear my favourite thing that I bought which was a matching black lace bra and panties with a Swarovski crystal on it.  

When I looked in the mirror my reflection however didn’t look anything like Adriana Lima or any of the other VS models and it’s in moments like these when I think someone really needs to invent a mirror that photoshop’s your reflection.