5 Positives For Going Back To Work


A lot people will be returning back to work today and let’s be honest unless you’re absolutely in love with your job it’s a dreaded day for most.  I can’t work miracles and get your boss to call you and to say have another day off but I can share five positives for returning to work.


  • We go back to a routine and routines are good for us.  Routines make us more productive, help our bodies to get into a regular sleeping pattern, we tend to spend less money and eat healthier how often do we put in weight during the holidays especially the Christmas period.


  • Why do we go to work? $$$$ without money we can’t go on holidays, go to the hairdresser, pay our mobile bill so we can go on social media or order Menulog while watching Netflix’s.


  • You have a job to go to and that’s something to be happy about.  Anyone who’s struggled with finding a job knows how hard and stressful it can be.


  • You’re accruing annual leave right now as you work so you’re that much closer to having enough leave to go back on holidays.


  • You’re not alone everyone, else in the office is feeling just as miserable as you are so hang in there.


So readers, how was your first day back or are you still on holidays?

New Year New Outlook For 2016



At the end of every year, I use to have a mini breakdown trying to think of what I had achieved that year. About ten years ago I got real serious about my New Years resolutions. I would come up with three things I wanted to achieve. I would commit myself to them during the year and achieve at least two of the things on my list.  My goals were never grand but I would choose things that were important to me, whether it be finishing a course, getting my license or saving money.


At the end of the year when I would reflect on what I had achieved, I knew I could always come up with at least two things to challenge me and having two goals ticked off was always a comfort to me.


I’ve had a few days now to think about my New Year Resolutions. This year, I want to focus more on life and the type of person I want to be, rather than ticking things off my list.


Here is my New Year’s Resolution List for 2016:


Stay Positive – Being positive is my coping mechanism.  Being positive always pulls me through.  It can be a struggle to stay positive all the time and that’s why it’s on my list.


Breathe More – Someone who is relaxed takes more breaths per minute than someone who is stressed.


Listen – I want to pay attention more to family and friends when they speak so they know they’ve been heard.  Everybody wants to feel heard.


Guilt Free – I feel bad or guilty a lot of the time.  Things that are out of my control and have nothing to do with me – it feels like extra baggage I really don’t need to be carrying.

Enjoy Life – Not getting stressed or upset over things that won’t matter next week.


Declutter – It’s really therapeutic to clean out what you don’t need.  It’s something I’m not good at which is why I need to work on it in 2016.


Be Grateful – I’ve recently started writing down before I go to bed each night what I’m grateful for and why.  It amazes me at how many things I can come up with in one day. My list is never the same.  There’s nothing better to think of before going to sleep than what you’re most grateful for.


Never Stop Believing – In myself.


The year is what we make of it so let’s make 2016 a good one.


So readers, tell me do you have New Year resolutions? What are your resolutions for 2016?

How Is Your November Going?



This is a first on Notsopeachie.  Like Meet Me At Mikes’s  I’m taking stock like she does every month.  Its a fun way of sharing what you’ve been up to this month or remembering what you did if its flown by too quickly.  Feel free to write how your month has been going by using the words below. 

Making : Lists, forever making lists.  My lists have lists.  Never ending lists.

Cooking : HAHA! That’s what Menulog’s for.

Drinking : Soy cappuccino, no sugar.

Reading : The TV guide.

Wanting: A million dollars.  This time of the year makes me broke.

Looking: Like I need a deep sleep for a very long time.

Playing: Wildest Dreams, yes I do enjoy a bit of Tay Tay.

Deciding: What I’m going to wear to work tomorrow.  It really does save time if I organise it from the night before which doesn’t happen often.

Wishing: For a holiday somewhere tropical.

Enjoying: My weekends having fun with great people.

Waiting: For the finishing touches to Notsopeachie to be completed.  I’m so impatient.

Liking: Daylight savings.  Its so great to have daylight at 7:30pm.

Loving: Nectarines this year especially the ones I’ve eaten so far have been delicious.

Pondering: If I made a sex tape (I’m not saying I’m going too) would anyone watch it let alone end up as famous as Kim Kardashian?

Considering: Cutting my hair.  I always think about cutting it shorter but I don’t think I ever will.

Buying: Christmas presents and lots of them.

Watching: The Biggest Loser.

Cringing: At my nails.  I hate seeing regrowth I really need time to get them done.

Needing: To go to the chemist before my prescription runs out.

Questioning: Why it’s Monday tomorrow and how I don’t want to go to work.

Smelling: Garlic, someone’s eating something with garlic.

Wearing: A white long sleeve v neckline dress from Boohoo.

Following: So many great retail companies on Instagram it’s feeding my shopping addiction.

Noticing: How white my legs are and how badly I need a tan.

Thinking: I’m trying to cut down on the thinking.  Too many thoughts running through my head causing my head to hurt.

Admiring: All the beautiful fashion out right now.  All the gorgeous Christmas presents I would totally love for myself.

Sorting: my stuff.  I have so much stuff.  It’s taking a lot longer to go through everything than I anticipated.

Getting: An adult colouring book and pencils.  I’ve heard colouring in is good to relax so I’m going to give it a go.

Bookmarking: So many outfits I love which I can’t justify buying….yet!

Coveting: To get back into a routine so I can have more time to get more things crossed off my list.

Disliking: The thought of tax increasing to 15%.

Giggling: Over these videos I’ve been watching on Instagram.

Feeling: Tired and slightly stressed with everything I want to do.

Snacking: I don’t snack a lot except when I have a draining  week like last week.  I ate chocolate and a packet of twisties.

Hearing: the sound of the fan it’s been very humid lately.



Did you enjoy How Is Your November Going? Should I do it next month?



Exercising And Looking Good While Doing It



Let me start off by saying I’ve never been a big fan of exercising. I’ve tried different forms of exercising from kickboxing to Zumba, pole dancing to jogging but have never found anything I’ve stuck with longer than two years. There’s also the sweating factor and my hair getting dirty and that’s just an inconvenience.

I got a big surprise when I had a blood test to find my cholesterol was a bit too high. It wasn’t high enough to be of great concern about but my doctor recommended for me to cut out the bad food and to start exercising. I’m only 28, I didn’t think I would have to worry about health issues like cholesterol till I was at least 50. Since I don’t like exercise and am very lazy, I found it hard to come up with an exercise plan I was going to stick too. I procrastinated and did nothing for a few months till I went bridesmaid dress shopping. I was aware I had put on weight as I don’t weigh myself but my clothes had become tight to the point I could no longer wear some of them. It’s such an awful feeling when you want to wear something and it doesn’t fit. So there I am, sitting on the lounge in the change room that’s bigger than my bedroom. In one hand is a glass of champagne and in the other the ten dresses that couldn’t zip up. As horrible as it felt it was the kick in the butt I needed.

I had this tutor in year 12 who tried ever so hard to get me to study. He suggested I buy a new desk lamp or stationery something that would entice me to sit at my desk. So if you haven’t already guessed what I bought to motivate me to exercise I bought new gym clothes!

I discovered Elsa Active on Instagram and I fell in love with all the colourful patterned active wear. There is something about patterns and colours that just makes me happy.






Wearing the Ambra Short Sleeve Top in medium by Abi and Joseph. It comes in a range of colours. The material is gorgeous and so comfortable to wear.

The Dreamcatcher 7/8 tights are full length on me because I’m so short but this doesn’t bother me at all because I love the feel and the shape they give me. These are also by Abi and Joseph, wearing medium.

This year I will be ready for summer and I’ll be doing it in style.

Are you ready for summer? Do you enjoy exercising?

Trying To Find Balance


At school, I was the type of person who struggled with time management and always left school assignments to the last minute.  I was so good at procrastinating, that I tried to find a career where procrastinating was a skill requirement.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve had to learn to be more organised, so that I don’t stress out and let things get the better of me.

Anyone who has worked on a project that’s close to their heart knows the feeling of relief and joy when you finally cross the finishing line months later than you had anticipated.  I created a new blog and started from scratch again – a fresh start and a new direction.

The blog is the first thing I have accomplished for myself … by myself.  I am proud of what I have created, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  Naturally I want it to blossom and grow.  Nothing blossoms and grows without constant TLC.  There are quite a few elements of blogging; of course there’s the writing, photography, social, networking and the dreaded technical side.  All these elements need time, with trial and error.

Last week was a bad week for me on the technical front.  One of my pages got hacked which I only discovered because my friend had pointed out. My email subscription and comments weren’t working (which might have been my fault for fiddling around with things but we won’t tell the IT guy that).  The guy uninstalled my spam plugin so now I have 1000 pending spam comments.  I was ready to loose my shit.  The problems just got worse as the week went on. I’m an impatient person I want things fixed straight away. I’m not a reasonable calm person when I’m stressed.  Even Oprah can’t save me when I’m in that state of mind.

When I wasn’t drowning with technical issues, I was absorbed in Twitter, reading tweets from the pro blogger event.  So it wasn’t a surprise when I got into trouble for being constantly on my phone and not paying attention.

It was true my mind was elsewhere.  Does anyone else struggle to shut off their mind?

I knew I could either do two things.  I could hide away from the rest of the world with my phone and laptop and be left to deal with my problems and get a lot of stuff done and probably eventually end up lonely.  Or I can try and manage my time better so that when I’m out I’m not worrying about the tasks at hand or thinking about ideas of what to write.  I know I need to find a balance so I don’t become more mental than I already am.  The silver lining of last week was being approached to become brand ambassador (super exciting can’t wait to show you their stuff) but half of the fun of receiving exciting news is being able to share it with someone else.

So readers, do you struggle with time management?

Maid Of Honour…..I Got This!


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When my friend from school asked me to be her maid of honour I was so stoked.  This was going to be so much fun. I have never been a maid of honour before but I love organizing and weddings and I was confident that I could help her and make the whole experience memorable.  I think my words were, I got this!

Rachel isn’t my first friend to get married so I had a little idea of what I was getting myself in.  Brides to be change their minds about what they want frequently, just because they want something today doesn’t mean they will want it next week.  Brides to be can justify anything they want bad enough for their special day, no matter how much it is or how unobtainable it is by simply saying the famous words “How many times an I going to married? once”.  Everything for the wedding has to be perfect.  The words beautiful, elegant and perfect are used a lot.  If the bride to be doesn’t have love hearts in her eyes it’s not making the cut.

I went wedding invitation shopping with Rachel.  We walked into this shop, it was massive with walls covered in wedding invitations.  It was so overwhelming there were so many to look at.  The shop assistant said to pick out three you like and put them on the counter and I’ll give you a quote.  The first challenge was to pick three out of one hundred to chose from.  Than Rachel was informed if she buying less than a hundred invitations she can’t chose any from this wall and because she wanted to allow six weeks RSVP the invitations on this wall couldn’t be made in time.  We left the store hating all of them.

I love shopping, I really really do love shopping and not just clothes shopping all types of shopping.  Food shopping, shopping for socks, infusers and cactus but I’m not loving bridesmaid dress shopping.  Trying on dress after dress, dresses that have so many layers, dresses I couldn’t work out the front from the back. I tried to embrace it by having fun after all it’s not everyday I get a whole shop to myself and get offered champagne.  Normal shopping just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Its like I’ve flown first class and now have to go back to economy.

What I really disliked the most about bridesmaid shopping is I couldn’t zip up most of the dresses I tried on.  Isn’t it the worse feeling when you don’t fit into something you know you should?  It infuriated me so much that I made a vowel to myself that I would not buy anymore clothes till I lost a dress size.

I’ll keep you posted, watch this space.


So readers, do you have any advice to give me on being a bridesmaid?

When In Doubt


I struggle some sometimes especially this week, in not being able to zone out and listen to my own thoughts. I started off the week feeling exhausted, anxious and didn’t want to set any expectations for myself because if I don’t set expectations, I can’t fail. By Tuesday I was feeling my bubbly self again, it occurred to me I had accomplished something! That’s right, I Chantelle had something to be proud of but by the weekend I was feeling unsatisfied and started comparing what I had created to what others had created. I don’t normally compare myself to other people when I’m in my normal Chantelle state of mind but when the self doubt kicks in, I start doubting myself and my potential.

So as I sat with all these thoughts running through my mind leaving my head aching when it dawned on me, will I ever be good enough for me? And why doesn’t eating Ferro Roche make the pain go away?

I wonder if I’ll ever be satisfied or will I always feel as if I could do better. These are all the questions that were going through my head, no wonder I was exhausted.




We can be our own biggest critic. We either put too much pressure on ourselves, be subjected to pressure from people like our family or have both.

I learnt with some help that I had to clear this energy and meditation was the way to go about it. After an hour of meditation there was no more thoughts of failure, I felt calm and at peace with my own mind. I went from having no energy to bring fully charged with energy.

I tell myself that I’m doing the best I can right now. Things take time and my impatient self needs to be reminded of this.


Dear readers, have you ever tried meditation before? Do thoughts run through your head which drive you mad?

My Two Year Sentence



Its been seven months nineteen days since I got braces.  For the past six years I’ve wanted straight teeth. I don’t particularly like photos of myself but I really disliked seeing my crooked teeth in photos but I also didn’t want to get braces because they aren’t pretty either.  I was hoping for a miracle fix but one never came.  So it took six whole years to convince myself that having braces as an adult wouldn’t really be that bad.  If there is one thing I’m sure of nearly eight months later is that… my pain threshold is stronger!

Before I even got to the braces part, I had to have four teeth including a baby tooth pulled out.  This was done over two appointments.  My palms have never been sweaty like they did while I was lying in that dentist chair.  I tried visualizing me waiting in a hammock on a deserted beach.  Nothing but blue skies, crystal waters and hot sand.  The visualization was going great I was now relaxed and even calm, I could hear the sound of the ocean until I heard the dentist say “I’m going to start pulling now” and just like that it all went to shit.

Not one person I knew who had braces as a kid liked having braces and I soon learnt why. There is nothing pleasant about having braces.  You loose your freedom to eat whatever you want, your in pain four weeks out of five and than your back at the orthodontist again for the next round, the only time I don’t have food stuck in my teeth is when I haven’t eaten, when I don’t have cuts I have ulcers and everyone feels the need to ask me “How long do you have to wear them for?”.  I hate, hate this question because I don’t have a due date it’s not like being pregnant when you know that the baby will be coming out in nine months.  It’s possible I could have them on for longer I know a few people where this is the case.  I could have braces for two and a half years if my teeth haven’t aligned, I don’t think I could bear an extra six months so I occasionally have a word with my teeth and tell them that if they all move into place quickly I won’t pull anymore of them out.

It has recently become easier living with braces and I put it down to a few things; acceptance, tolerance and perspective.  I now accept the reflection that stares back at me when I look at myself in the mirror.  Metal in your mouth isn’t pretty but it’s not forever and I have to remind myself of this when I’m having a bad day.  Sometimes I will stare at my teeth looking at just how far they have come already.  Tolerance what can I say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I’ve learnt to put up with the pain for the majority and the rest of the time everyone else has to learn to put up with my whinging.  Perspective came to me just last week while I was having lunch.  Having braces isn’t any harder than going to a job you don’t like everyday, paying bills or trying to lose weight.

So readers have any of you had braces? Or had any perspective lately?

Up Up and Away

It’s been two years since I’ve been on a holiday.  I have accrued so much annual leave I was forced to take time off.  I hadn’t turned into a workaholic and surely I hadn’t forgotten how much I love to travel.  I blame it on how much dental and orthodontic work costs in this country even with private health insurance.  I know the removal of four teeth and braces will be worth it in the run long but it sure doesn’t come cheap.   

It was time for a holiday, time to recuperate, relax while sipping on cocktails lying next to the pool and sunbake. Going sightseeing, eat great food and discover myself while shoe shopping are definite priorities.

It was arranged as a ‘girls holiday’ with my sister Jess and my cousin Radha.  We leaving tomorrow to go to Langwaki in Malaysia than we are off to Singapore and lastly staying a night in Kuala Lumpa. As all three of us haven’t been to Singapore or Malaysia, our friends have been telling us places to eat, shop and visit – which has only built up the excitement since we booked in last November. 

Jess is a Virgin member and I’m an Emirates member, so we both wanted to fly with our preferred airline.  One afternoon Gigi sent me a text about a sale Air Asia were having and I told Jess about it. It worked out to be a lot cheaper than Virgin and had the dates we wanted which Emirates didn’t so, we decided to go with Air Asia.  We haven’t flown Air Asia before.      

Than a month or so after booking the flights the tragic Air Asia flight went missing.  Radha has a fear of flying, I’ve never been afraid of flying which is one of the very few things I’m not afraid. I know how much flying is a fear for so many people, more so when tragic events like this happen. I have to admit even though I know I have more chances of dying going to the airport than I do on the plane, I am a bit worried.  I do believe whatever is in your destiny is going to happen and you can’t predict it nor control it.

Nancy who does my nails told me her friend had booked her whole family to go to Malaysia flying Air Asia. She cancelled it and lost her money because she’s too scared once hearing about the recent Air Asia tragedy.

Readers, would you cancel your trip if you were flying Air Asia? Would you fly Air Asia? What is your scariest flying experience?

Back To Work – NOOOOOO

I don’t like Mondays, I especially don’t like Mondays when it’s the first day back to work after being on holidays.  I know I’m not the only one and thousands of people will be commuting to work this morning with two things on their mind, coffee and home time. 

I shouldn’t really even be complaining because I have two weeks off after this week so, I have taken it upon myself to do the whinging on behalf of everyone. I hope I do you all proud! On a positive note (because there is always positives) we only have to work five days before we get two days off YAY! 
For all the people who haven’t had any time off you’re probably hating me right now and that’s understandable. I would be hating me too , complaining about how I have to go back to work after having a week off.

My most favourite thing about being on holidays is not waking up to an alarm at 5:50 am.  Each morning when my alarm goes off, I turn it off ,close my eyes and think if only I had one more hour I wouldn’t feel so tired.  Not only do I get to sleep in when I’m on holidays but when I wake up and I feel tired I get to go back to sleep for another hour!  It really is the small things in life that make you happy.

My plan of attack to get through today is simple; sugar, caffeine and upbeat music.

Now I want to hear from you, yes you! What’s your favourite thing about being on holidays? Do you like Monday’s?