Necklace Inspiration


My cousin Radha purchased three necklaces and asked me if I could tell her what to wear with each of them.  My mum asks me the same question every time she buys a necklace too so I thought why not do a post on it!

Accessorising is my favourite part of getting dressed.  I can’t leave my house without wearing jewelry and not feel naked.  For me jewelry completes an outfit and makes not only a plain outfit brighter but it has that effect to make us sparkle just that little bit brighter.  On Monday’s I need all the sparkle I can get!

A necklace is the perfect accessory to wear in the warmer seasons just like a scarf is in the cooler seasons.  Whether you’re a t-shirt and shorts girl or live in dresses in summer there is a necklace you probably already own which would compliment your outfit.


Go Long – With any high neck, turtle or scoop neckline.  A long necklace adds character to any plain top.  Or chose a simple less detailed long necklace for a more sleek professional look for work.  This necklace was a gift.




Make A Statement – Don’t be afraid to make a statement.  Whether you’re wearing a high neckline, scoop neckline or turtle neck.  If you like wearing turtle necks but think it makes your chest look too big if you wear a statement necklace it breaks it up.  This necklace is from ASOS.


photo 5


Don’t Settle For One – Why not try layering?  You can wear two or three it doesn’t matter as long as they are different lengths.  If you’re wearing a v neckline and want to take your cleavage out of the firing line I think this is a good way of splitting the focus.  The Love necklace is from Michael Hill and the heart necklace is from Tiffany.


photo 1


Go Cheerful – This necklace from mondayproject_ screams fun! The balls are the right size to be seen without getting lost.  This necklace comes in many wonderful colours and if your on Instagram you can purchase one from mondayproject_.  Support Australian businesses.




Shine Bright Like A Diamond – This tunic was looking quite dull till I added this piece.  You might think there is already a lot going on with the tunic; collar and pockets but this piece adds the shine factor.  Blush & Co is another Australian company that makes beautiful necklaces, you will want to purchase them all.



So readers, who loves wearing necklaces? What style of necklace do you like?

My Spring/Summer Shoe Picks

I mentioned on Monday’s post (Maid of honour..I got this!) this week that, I won’t be buying anymore clothes till I drop a size. My friends might think I may compensate by buying shoes – this simply won’t be the case.  I’m going to be buying shoes instead as there are so many spring/summer shoes out right now, that I’m in love with!  To get straight to the point, last weekend I looked at my shoe stand which only holds 30 pairs of shoes out of my shoe collection and I nearly threw them all away.  I still have a strong desire to declutter my shoes away, in order to make room for new shoe therapy purchases (featured in this post).
As the weather gets warmer, we are seeing a lot of pastels, neutrals and floral prints in the shops.  Whether you are strutting your stuff in 70’s style in suede or denim or wearing a floral maxi dress, I have a pair of shoes for you from three of my favourite shoe stores and they won’t break the bank.



The Slider is pretty but practical.  Whether you are running errands or meeting up with friends this shoe is perfect.  They come in leopard, black, silver, snake and white as well as the gold.  You can purchase these at Betts from $69.99




The Nano-B has a bohemian chic look to them, they would look great with a denim skirt or maxi dress.  I have these shoes in black and white and I get so many compliments on them and they are comfy.  They also come in black and white.  You can purchase these from Betts $79.99




The Kano from Nine West is all about elegance.  It could be worn to the office or to the races and for $139.95 it’s a steal.

It comes in three colours, grey, black and nude




I love these butterfly pattern shoes.  You could wear them to a birthday, wedding or formal.  These Martina shoes are from Nine West for $139.95




I can’t wait to get myself a pair of these, the Tao does come in a couple of other colour combinations but I love the white.  You can purchase these from Betts for $59.99




The Dannii would look great with a suede or denim skirt.  These Bohemian beauties are from Novo for only $59.95





These are sexy! I’m a sucker for snake skin.  The Lover also comes in all black from Novo for $79.95





I love the suede leather ankle strap on these heels.  The Zumix also comes in black and for $89.95 you can be the proud owner of these Novo shoes


So readers, do you love shoes? What was your favourite shoe?

Must Have Trans-seasonal Piece


Can you believe July is nearly over! We are more than halfway through the year how scary is that!!  On the bright side for everyone who is over this cold weather there is only one more month of winter to go!

The period in between when the weather isn’t freezing but not yet hot enough for shorts and singlets can be a wardrobe challenge.  This is why I purchased a sleeveless vest.  It’s such a great trans-seasonal item.  I’m going to share what to wear it with to get your monies worth.

Sleeveless vests are right on trend at the moment and are in shops everywhere but I’m going to share my recent purchase because I’m in love with it.

I found Billy j. on Instagram, this is why I love Instagram it’s so easy to find great shops I, otherwise wouldn’t have known about.  They have $5 express shipping and free shipping on orders over $75. I received my order the next day which really impressed me and made me very happy.


photo 2


This beautiful vest I’m wearing is called the Pursuit Vest, it’s 65% cotton, 35% polyester.  It’s so light and comfortable to wear and perfect to throw over a jumper without feeling heavy or bulky.  It does come in a couple of other colour options but I’m personally loving grey this season.  I can hear my mum in my head saying “What colour’s would you wear with grey besides black?”  I love grey and white, pink and grey and also navy and grey together.

It’s really easy to stick to what we have always done in the past but don’t be afraid to try something new.  If you’ve never worn a long sleeveless vest before now is your time too.  As it’s so light and comfortable to wear and while the weather is still cold you can wear it over a long sleeve top or jumper like I have.  As it gets warmer you can wear it over a t-shirt with jeans or shorts.  Personally I’m looking forward to wearing it to an event over a sleeveless knitted dress with heels once it gets warm enough.  You can purchase this great versatile piece from Billy j. for only $54  I’m wearing a Large.


photo 3


I have to mention the gorgeous knit I’m wearing known as Daylight Knit that is also from Billy j.  I love knits but I have a habit of pulling a thread within minutes of wearing them and this is why this one is great, it’s made from acrylic, it’s durable and comfortable.  It has a sexy split down both sides as well.  It is currently on sale for only $47.20  I’m wearing a size 12.

Dear readers, what do you think of this sleeveless vest? Do you own one or are thinking of purchasing one?

One Shirt + One Jumper = Three Outfits

Back in the 90’s, I remember watching this commercial for Tim Tams as a kid.  You might remember it, a lady rubs a lamp and a genie appears and grants her three wishes.  Her third and final wish was a never ending packet of Tim Tams.  If a genie ever came to me and I was granted a wish I would ask for a never ending wardrobe but until that happens, I have to learn how to get the most out of my wardrobe.

Two items that everyone has in their wardrobe is a white shirt and a jumper. I love jumpers! I could live in them for the entire duration of winter so, it gives me more of an incentive to mix it up sometimes. I love throwing a jumper on over a shirt I just think it looks so sleek, sophisticated and adds another layer to your outfit. Visually it looks like you’ve made a greater effort than what you actually have.

The shirt and jumper I’m wearing are from two companies I love.  This shirt is by Atmos & Here exclusive to The Iconic. I own a few Atmos & Here items because not only are the clothes nice but it’s also really affordable .  I loveee The Iconic, nothing makes my heart skip a beat like fast delivery and a website I can easily navigate around.  The shirt I’m wearing you can no longer find on The Iconic but there is a very similar one by Atmos & Here called ‘Hampton Summer Shirt’, it’s on sale for only $29.97

The jumper is from a company I’ve only recently discovered I like which surprised me because I didn’t expect to find anything I like, Mix Apparel.  They have free shipping on orders over $50 and their website is also easy to navigate around.  I’m wearing the ‘Hi-Lo Cable Jumper’ in grey, they don’t have many left. Their on sale at the moment for only $19 how good is that?


photo 2


Style One: This look is all about being comfortable and casual without looking like a dag.  Great for shopping, catching up with friends, school drop offs and for casual Fridays.  I love jeans and Converse together.  The great thing is this look won’t break the bank because everyone owns a pair of jeans and sneakers and if you don’t own sneakers you can wear flats instead.


Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset


Style Two: I wore this outfit to Friday night drinks.  The pleather pants were on sale for $4.95 from the new Forever 21 store that has just opened on Pitt Street in Sydney.  So comfortable and sliming.  Its been so cold in Sydney lately so I chose to wear my new leather Django and Juliette boots with a small heel instead of wearing open toe lace up monochrome sandals which look amazing with this outfit.  I chose whatever is warmer in winter, I think this might be a sign of getting older.


photo 1


Style Three:  Off to work! Trousers and the same boots I wore in Style Two.  Just like everyone owns a pair of jeans and tights, if you work in a corporate environment you would also own a pair of black pants.

One shirt, one jumper three outfits.

So readers which style is your favourite? Have you shopped at The Iconic or Mix Apparel?

Music Festival Goers Fashion Style

“Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.” – Coco Chanel

I’m not a stylist or clothes designer but I like to think I have a little style and something has to be said about what people wear at music festivals.  I went to a music festival Saturday night, it was the first one I had been to in maybe two years.  I think they have changed the terms and conditions of entry since the last time I went to YOU MUST ONLY COVER 20% OF YOUR BODY.  

It was 20 degrees and all the girls and I really do mean ALL the girls were wearing really tight short shorts, some of the girl’s butts were covered like in the above pictures but other butts were on show and to accompany their short shorts they wore mid drift tops.  I saw girls in high heels wearing professional looking makeup in dresses so short and tight they couldn’t move in them.  As not much of their bodies were covered I also saw their cellulite. Everyone has cellulite but I like to cover mine up with the exception of when I’m at the beach.  If today’s generation are more confident in their skin I think that’s a great thing.  Would it be too much to ask though if they could add a little bit more material to their outfit?

I know this is a bit off the topic but why do so many guys and girls at music festivals go into the portable loo’s with their drinks? I saw so many people coming out of the loo’s holding their drink, why wouldn’t you get your friend to hold it or finish it before you go in?

So what do you think about the fashion style at music festivals, short shorts and people taking their drinks into the portable loo’s?