Could You Eat Chicken If You Had Pet Chickens?

I have been missing in action the past couple of weeks but I’m getting back into the swing of things.  A work colleague on Friday night said to me it only takes three days to break a good habit, if this is true then I have broken all of mine recently so I’m trying to get back into routine and manage my time better.  So stay tuned for my next post.  

A few weeks ago I went and visited my  friend Melissa who lives on the Central Coast, she recently bought three baby chickens.  When she first told me I thought chickens were an odd household pet but as you can see in the above picture they are pretty adorable.  

At Melissa’s house the pets run the place.  You have Luffy the cat he walks around like he owns the place and with all his winter fur he looks like a lion. You haven’t met a dog as goofy as Starlet, she’s such a happy excited dog I thought she was going to knock me over and she’s about the same height as me.  You add three chickens to the mix and shes nearly got a farm.

The chickens are now seven weeks old and are now living in the backyard in their coop but when I met them they were only three weeks old and were living in the house till they were big enough to move outside.  
The baby chickens were quite entertaining to watch to my surprise and there is more involved to them then I realized.  Melissa researched toys for chickens and she put a blank CD in their box and it stopped the chickens from pecking each other because they were too busy staring at their reflection in the CD.

Melissa started talking about factory farming and how she couldn’t imagine now after having chickens as pets how they could live in those types of conditions.  When listening to her speak so fondly about her chickens it made me wonder if she could still eat chicken.  Everyone loves chicken, I have never met a person who didn’t and I know Melissa loves chicken. When I named my dog Snickers a friend of mine made a joke could I still eat Snickers bar which is stupid because Snickers is a dog but you know it actually made me go off Snickers bars for awhile.  When I asked Melissa could she still eat chicken she said it’s becoming very hard.

Would you be able to still eat chicken if you had chickens as pets?

3 thoughts on “Could You Eat Chicken If You Had Pet Chickens?”

  1. Ooh good questions! I'm not sure what to say. I had a chicken when I was young but as soon as it grew bigger I gave it away. I think I was eating chicken then. Maybe something like pigs that are adorable would make me reconsider 🙂

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