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I’m someone who is easily distracted but struggle to find a distraction when I need one.  My mind never rests, I’m always thinking or analysing something but when I’m stressed or worried my mind goes into overdrive and I make myself go crazy.  I knew I would have to distract myself this week otherwise my own thoughts would make me go crazy.  

It’s a lot easier at work because I’m busy thinking about work I knew the weekend was going to be the biggest challenge.  I don’t know about you but I love ME time, me time for me is spending time by myself and I was told Aquarians like spending time by themselves.  I created a list on Friday of all the things I wanted to do on the weekend which would end up hopefully distracting me from my thoughts.  


I’ve been meaning to upgrade my phone for the three months and haven’t gotten around to it so what better way to distract myself than a new phone? The man at Virgin was really helpful but he convinced me to wait till after the 1st of April to upgrade because the plans will be cheaper then.  This would have never happened any other day but because I had my heart set on walking away with a new phone it did That’s just my luck.

Somehow I end up in a jewellery shop, I don’t know if this only happens to me because I’m a bling-a-holic or if this happens to everyone.  I fell in love with this ring but I didn’t end up buying it which goes to show what mindset I was in because any other day I would have.  I went to get laser done next because pain is a big distraction especially if you don’t have a high pain threshold like me.  After my hour long session of pain I found myself in a bookstore purchasing a cooking book which makes sense since I don’t cook!  Maybe I should stick to my list of things to do.  I went back home did my washing and started cleaning the bathroom.  I ended up giving up cleaning the bathroom because I had this desire to learn how to braid my hair.  I have come to the conclusion I have two left hands and this affects my ability to cook, clean and braid my hair.

I fell asleep for 10 hours, I never sleep for 10 hours I’m lucky if I sleep for 7 hours but let me tell you when I woke up I felt like I could CONQUER THE WORLD.  First thing first I felt like pancakes.  A few months ago I felt like being healthy for a week and went into the Macro section of Woolworths and bought ancient grains pancake mix with Quinoa.  I know I said I don’t cook I don’t classify adding water and shaking pancake mixture as cooking.  I don’t know if I added too much water or it was the ancient grains but it was awful I had to throw the mixture away.  I went looking in the pantry hoping to find normal pancake mixture as I was still craving pancakes and I was in luck so I started again.


I hadn’t cleaned the shower from the previous day and it is my most hated part of cleaning the bathroom and it takes me ages to clean the shower. If you’re thinking she can’t cook, she hates cleaning she would make a terrible housewife you’re correct.  After I finished cleaning the shower I started analysing my clothes epidemic.  I have this ongoing issue where I seem to accumulate more and more clothes and I have no where to put them.  I keep throwing away clothes to create more space but I’ve run out of clothes to throw away and still have no room.  I’ll keep you posted if my clothes epidemic spreads from my bedroom to my bathroom.


Are you easily distracted? What do you do to distract yourself?          

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