Do Clingy Girlfriends Make Better Girlfriends?

We were on our way home from work when my friend Rose and I got into one of our girly conversations about relationships and we were talking about what type of girlfriend we are.  Turns out Rose is a bit of a clingy girlfriend and as for me, well I’m the opposite.  Can we still be friends? I think we can work something out.

Have you ever wondered why people are clingy? Is it an insecurity thing, obsession, boredom even?  

Do clingy girlfriends make better girlfriends or worse girlfriends?  What do guys prefer?  I would think clingy is bad because I don’t know any girls who like clingy guys but maybe I have got it all wrong, maybe people dig clingy. 

Should I be the clingy girlfriend that sends texts all day everyday about how much I missed him and how i’m counting down the hours till I see him, does this mean I can’t say you’re an ass every other day? I’m more of a be mean keep them keen kind of girl.  

To be clingy or not to be clingy, what are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Do Clingy Girlfriends Make Better Girlfriends?”

  1. I have been both according to an ex . If you are in a relationship that is not working , whatever you do it will be taken the wrong way. The right person will accept you the way you are – will almost :).

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