Every Wedding Dress Has A Story

It has taken me a while to write this post.  You know how everything happens at once?  It’s that time of the year where everyone is getting married.  Who doesn’t love a wedding!!!  I’ve been looking forward to Kate’s wedding since the day Dan proposed a year ago.  What made this wedding extra special for me was that one of my very good friends who is such an amazing person finally found someone as amazing as her.    

On the Friday night before the wedding we checked into our hotel Noah’s On The Beach in Newcastle.  It’s a good affordable hotel with great views and yummy food.  After our buffet breakfast Gigi and I were off to the hairdressers.  I love love love getting my hair done!  The New Black Industries is a really trendy hairdresser with the friendliest staff I have ever come across.  Not only is this place ultra-cool, got friendly staff they also offer champagne!!! Now that’s what I call a really good time at the hairdressers.

 The ceremony was beautiful, the bride and bridesmaids looked beautiful, the flowers were beautiful, it was all just beautiful!  

Kate’s mum gave a touching speech, I loved the bit where she said there isn’t a lot of magic in the world, for Kate and Dan to have me at the same party which they were both not planning on going to I think is quite magical.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  With all the evil in this world which we see on the news it’s great to enjoy an occasion where two people found love and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

 The wedding had a 50’s style theme to it.  Kate’s dress was 50 years old but had never been worn.  Sometime after the ceremony while taking photos one of Kate’s lace sleeves ripped.  Not a little rip a BIG rip, if I was Kate I would have been DEVASTATED but not our Kate.  She just kept smiling.  It didn’t faze her she kept going like the trooper she is.  After dinner it was time to dance.  It was on the dance floor where Kate ripped off both sleeves.  The dress still looked just as amazing after she ripped off the sleeves.  

What I took away from the wedding was that there are people like myself who would have let a ripped sleeve get the better of me.  I would have been on the verge of tears, it would have ruined my mood and then there’s people like Kate.  Nothing gets the better of them they always look on the bright side because it’s not the end of the world.  I remember Kate simply saying to me “The dress is 50 years old” when I noticed it with my jaw dropped.

The next time life gets the better of me I’ll remember Kate and her wedding dress.  You can let a wedding dress get the better of you or you can make the most out of the wedding dress.

So readers, do you have any great wedding stories to share? Or know someone who is a trooper like Kate?

3 thoughts on “Every Wedding Dress Has A Story”

  1. Awwwww you are so lovely
    I hope you had a great time. What made the day so memorable was having such lovely friends like you there. Couldn't have done it without your support!!!
    Getting the dress sleeves reattached and preserving it so hopefully I can pass it on to other generations 🙂
    Love you heaps beautiful lady

  2. What a lovely story. Your friend's dress is gorgeous and you are so right about it is your attitude that matters, not what happens. I am glad your friend had a beautiful wedding and your hair style is classy 😀

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