Exercising And Looking Good While Doing It



Let me start off by saying I’ve never been a big fan of exercising. I’ve tried different forms of exercising from kickboxing to Zumba, pole dancing to jogging but have never found anything I’ve stuck with longer than two years. There’s also the sweating factor and my hair getting dirty and that’s just an inconvenience.

I got a big surprise when I had a blood test to find my cholesterol was a bit too high. It wasn’t high enough to be of great concern about but my doctor recommended for me to cut out the bad food and to start exercising. I’m only 28, I didn’t think I would have to worry about health issues like cholesterol till I was at least 50. Since I don’t like exercise and am very lazy, I found it hard to come up with an exercise plan I was going to stick too. I procrastinated and did nothing for a few months till I went bridesmaid dress shopping. I was aware I had put on weight as I don’t weigh myself but my clothes had become tight to the point I could no longer wear some of them. It’s such an awful feeling when you want to wear something and it doesn’t fit. So there I am, sitting on the lounge in the change room that’s bigger than my bedroom. In one hand is a glass of champagne and in the other the ten dresses that couldn’t zip up. As horrible as it felt it was the kick in the butt I needed.

I had this tutor in year 12 who tried ever so hard to get me to study. He suggested I buy a new desk lamp or stationery something that would entice me to sit at my desk. So if you haven’t already guessed what I bought to motivate me to exercise I bought new gym clothes!

I discovered Elsa Active on Instagram and I fell in love with all the colourful patterned active wear. There is something about patterns and colours that just makes me happy.






Wearing the Ambra Short Sleeve Top in medium by Abi and Joseph. It comes in a range of colours. The material is gorgeous and so comfortable to wear.

The Dreamcatcher 7/8 tights are full length on me because I’m so short but this doesn’t bother me at all because I love the feel and the shape they give me. These are also by Abi and Joseph, wearing medium.

This year I will be ready for summer and I’ll be doing it in style.

Are you ready for summer? Do you enjoy exercising?

5 thoughts on “Exercising And Looking Good While Doing It”

  1. You go girl! You look great in your new tights.
    I’m not ready for summer just yet but I’m working my butt off trying to get there. I never love exercising, I’m very lazy by nature but what gets me through is I love the people I work out with and I love the feeling when I’m finished. That’s what keeps getting me to squeeze myself into my lycra each week.

  2. I feel like I’m getting ready for summer. Trying to exercise more and tan my ass lol. I love exercising I am a freak it gets me high.
    Love the dream catcher tights they are just beautiful. I love buying printed rights too they motivate me more!

  3. I’m not ready for summer, I don’t like the heat! I love the winter and spring months! Basketball is my exercise and my life!!

  4. Good on you Chantelle, I’m sure those gorgeous gym clothes will motivate you! I did the exact same thing earlier this year when I wanted to stick to a weekly yoga commitment. I bought two pairs of colourful yoga tights and they definitely helped me get out of bed!! xo

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