Eyebrows Really Do Matter

“You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow” – Jack Black

I don’t think Frida Khalo had the same eyebrow routine that the average 21st Century woman has today.  I think there is nothing like that clean feeling after you have just had your eyebrows waxed and that sense of feeling human again.  I cannot go longer than two weeks without getting my eyebrows done.   


Someone once told me that your eyebrows introduce your eyes.  I remember a few years ago a heterosexual man at work said to me your eyebrows look nice after I had got them done the night before.  I was shocked I didn’t think men noticed things like eyebrows.  That’s when I learnt that eyebrows really do matter.   


I’ve noticed the subject of eyebrows amongst women is very popular no matter where they are or what they are doing when the topic is up for discussion there is a lot to be said about those two hairy arches above your eyes.  I love how women are so passionate about their eyebrow lady; everyone thinks their eyebrow lady is the best.  My friend Jocelyne’s eyebrow lady was on her honeymoon for four weeks.  Every second day I would hear that she is looking more and more like a man and that she couldn’t wait for her eyebrow lady to come back.  I would have caved in and gone to somebody else but that thought never crossed her mind once. I was at the hairdressers and this woman was telling me that her eyebrow lady was the best and that everyone goes to her and that I must see her, I had never even met this woman before.  Then of course every other person in the hairdresser decided to chime in and it ended up being the great debate of who has the best eyebrow lady.   

You notice how nobody mentions the lady who waxes any other part of their body, you never hear anyone say my moustache lady is the best.


On the other hand have you seen a woman outraged after her eyebrows have been done not to her liking? Omg it means war!  Yelling, arguing, refusing to pay, making a scene I feel like interjecting and saying, its hair and it will grow back. 


I would like to make a toast to all the great eyebrow ladies out there who maintain our eyebrow shape and prevent us from looking like men.    

2 thoughts on “Eyebrows Really Do Matter”

  1. Lol funny post hun 😀 I had no idea the eyebrow shaping world was so intense!! P.S. I kinda like Frida's eyebrows, although I'm a bit biased since I just generally like Frida anyway haha!

  2. It's true, the eyesbrows are a very looked at place of someone's face. I have had lots of comments on my eyebrows and I think wtf haha … I didn't realise people take notice but they really do. There is nothing like the fresh feeling of having your eyesbrows done but the sad thing is it sounds like I'm the only person who doesn't have an eyebrow lady! Come damn coast haha!

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