Having Trouble Telling Your Housemate You Want To Move Out?

“I don’t need to pay a therapist to give me crap. I have a roommate that does it for free” – Ally McBeal

 A girl at work can’t stand her housemate that she has been living with for the past year and now that the lease is up she wants to move out and find a new place and a new housemate.  She is having difficulties trying to break the news to her housemate because she knows she isn’t going to take the news well and because she doesn’t like confrontation.  I have friends who have no troubles at all being confrontational and other friends who get anxiety over it so I understand not liking it.


As the girl at work has wanted to keep the peace and not rock the boat her housemate doesn’t have the faintest idea she can’t stand her and from the sounds of it her housemate isn’t a very happy understanding person.  I think the girl at work needs to get her housemate to dislike her so when she breaks the news her housemate is relieved instead of angry.  If she can’t stand her housemate why can’t the feelings be mutual?  These are my tips on how to make your housemate dislike you.


1.  My friend use to live with a girl who would walk around their unit in only a towel whenever   her boyfriend was around and that made my friend really mad.


2.  Take up the accordion it’s the worst sounding instrument of all time. I reckon the only reason schools still teach it is to annoy parents for sending their kids to school.


3. Leave the toilet seat up (this will only work if your housemate is a girl)


4. Start to smell bad nobody likes a smelly housemate.


5. Talk about yourself all the time, who doesn’t find self absorbed people annoying?


6. Leave your underwear all over the floor


7. Don’t flush the toilet 


8. Play One Direction loudly on repeat


9. Keep taking their iPhone charger, it’s sad but iPhone chargers are one of life’s necessities


 If you have had a housemate who did something you couldn’t stand please share it

2 thoughts on “Having Trouble Telling Your Housemate You Want To Move Out?”

  1. Such creative ideas to drive your housemate crazy and out. I hope I don't have to resort to any of these tips anytime soon.

  2. Haha I love your ideas. What an interesting story. Sounds like a hard sitch especially as your workmate doesn't like confrontation. I think passing smelly gas is a must (eat garlic and beans), also leave weird concoctions in the fridge that stink it out. Nah I'm joking but it sound like fun 🙂

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