My lounge room consists of four walls.  On one wall there are windows with long curtains, a television in the corner next to the fire place.  In the middle of the room there is a rug and a coffee table that sits on top.  On one side of the room is the lounge which I’ve been lying on for the past three and a half days, trying to recover from a bad case of tonsillitis.  I don’t remember the last time I was at home for three days in a row!   I don’t like to be cooped up – this hen likes to roam the streets and take in new scenery while socialising with other hens. 

At the beginning I thought I was living the dream, yeah I was unwell but turning off my alarm and going back to sleep on a rainy morning instead of commuting to work by train is my idea of heaven. 

I never wear track pants; I do own two pairs and one of them I’ve never worn. For three days you couldn’t get me out of track pants. My days revolved around what shows I was going to watch and the only time I moved was to hold the remote to change the channel.  I thought if this is what retirement feels like, such a shame I’m not retiring anytime soon.

Also the great thing about sick days is that not only do you get to catch up on a week’s worth of MasterChef re runs, bad midday movies and 90210, it allows you to do things like wrap birthday presents you have been meaning to wrap for quite some time and activate your new credit card that has been sitting in the envelope on the table for the past week. 

I got into a daily routine.  Wake up around 10am, shower, drink lemon honey tea, watch TV, eat soup, take tablet, drink lemon honey tea, watch midday movie, roll over on the couch and watch some more TV.

To my surprise I really got into Family Feud, it airs weeknights on Channel 10 at 6pm.  I wouldn’t normally be home at this time and I don’t like game shows.  

There are two teams made up of four family members guessing the top answers people gave in a survey.  If you get the top answer and decide to play on and you get three wrong answers, the opposing team just needs one right answer to win the round.
I would guess answers and get excited when I was right; I then started day dreaming about being on the show and thinking about what family members I would take on the show with me.  I had a thought, “why can’t I go on Family Feud?”.  So I went on Google to find out how I could apply to go on the show when this voice in my head said “What the fuck are you doing? YYou need to go back to work”.

So readers, what do you do to occupy yourself when your sick? Have you watched Family Feud? Does staying at home for a period of time make you go crazy?

5 thoughts on “Housebound”

  1. Just watching daytime TV can sometimes be satisfying when you are sick. Reading and sleeping are my favourite things when sick or down.

    Would love to see you in track pants!! 🙂

  2. Oh! when I'm sick I loooove to complain about being sick (this is what I do best!)

    I too can't get out of my track pants (that I would otherwise never ever wear – bought them to run… but haven't been running for er…a long time!)

    I watched family feud back home when a kid (though the show's name in French is “une famille en or” so that would be “one golden family”).

    I'm naturally crazy, so staying at home emphasises this personality trait without a doubt!

  3. Watch documentaries and lord of the rings movies.
    I don't like lord of the rings so when I'm sick and I watch them, I'm guaranteed a 'knock out' sleep.
    I love being lazy!!!

  4. It sucks getting sick. For me and for some reason I can't watch tv before 6pm. So I end up sleeping most of the day

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