How I Ended Up In This Shitty Mood

“To understand me, you have to meet me and be around me.  And then only if I’m in a good mood – don’t meet me in a bad mood” – Avril Lavigne

When I first told my dad I was thinking of starting a blog he asked what was I going to write about and I replied I don’t know and he suggested I write about websites and stores I shop at because like many women I have a bit of a shopping problem and even though my dad has never liked my passion for spending his realised its not going away anytime soon.  I told him I was thinking of writing about my life and he said make it inspiring.  Sorry folks you aren’t going to find anything inspiring here today, I’m in a shitty mood. 

End of month is always exhausting at work but February was particularly exhausting, even though I have managed to catch up on a lot of work I’m still starting the new month with work not completed from the previous month and this shits me.  To top it off I’ve had hay fever all week, every day I have had a new symptom from a sore throat to a runny nose which turned into a cough and now my head is congested and this also put me in a shitty mood.
I have recently been making a conscious effort to put my clothes away instead of leaving them on the floor (I like disorganised mess), I had put away my wheat coloured singlet top a couple of weeks ago and now I can’t find it.  I thought the whole purpose of putting things away was to make it easier to find them, this issue of not finding my singlet top after making the effort to put it away really shits me. 
A few friends have been telling me this week how much they are looking forward to winter, Saturday was the first day of autumn and it was pouring down rain.  I like it when it rains when I’m watching a movie, I like it when it rains when I’m asleep but I don’t like the rain when I’m in it.  I hate the feeling of being in wet clothes especially wet shoes and I hate how my hair turns wavy when it gets wet.  I was meeting up with Gigi which meant I had to go in the rain.  Gigi suggested we go to this Korean restaurant called Café C’Ya on 618-634 George Street, I ate this homemade dumpling soup which was delicious and exactly what I needed and I already started to feel better.  Next we went shopping I had a couple of vouchers from work and one from my cousin which I wanted to use and nothing lifts your spirit like retail therapy but first we had to make a stop at Haigh’s Chocolates I had a craving for almond milk chocolate.  

I bought a beautiful pair of Swarovski earrings, a pair of jeans because you can never have too many pairs of jeans and a bracelet, my shitty mood had lifted and I was back to my old self.  We were at DJ’s food court sipping on our freshly squeezed vegetable juices when Gigi told me her boob hurt I said what do you want me to do rub it? She replied no I might experience inappropriate feelings and we both burst into laughter.  We don’t know if it was the vegetable juice talking or the sleep deprivation but it was time to call it a day. 

I arrived at home in a good mood so I put away my new purchases and decided to clean the toilet instead of leaving it for tomorrow.  I was scrubbing the toilet and I must have been scrubbing it a little too hard or I wasn’t paying attention but the next thing I knew a tide wave of toilet water came out of the toilet bowl and landed all over my left leg and foot.  The irony of this is that a couple of weeks ago my cousin asked me if toilet water ever comes out when I’m cleaning the toilet and I made fun of her because that had never happened to me before.  I didn’t know if I was I having a Bridget Jones moment or if the universe was laughing at me but then I got the shits all over again.

 What puts you in a shitty mood?

3 thoughts on “How I Ended Up In This Shitty Mood”

  1. I am just like you I don't mind rain as long as I am not in it. Hope your mood picks up again and soon 🙂

  2. Hahahaha you poor thing – yuck toilet water (at least it was at home). And “AHEM”…just to clear things up…I didn't just suddenly feel like telling you about my boosom hurting – you elbowed me!!! 😛

  3. Oh no it really happened! Lol
    Glad your day out lifted your mood. I'm sad summers over but that's life.
    I get shitty when people dont know how to say my name. People think my name is so strange- really- its not that strange. But gotta take the good with the bad hey.

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