How Is Your November Going?



This is a first on Notsopeachie.  Like Meet Me At Mikes’s  I’m taking stock like she does every month.  Its a fun way of sharing what you’ve been up to this month or remembering what you did if its flown by too quickly.  Feel free to write how your month has been going by using the words below. 

Making : Lists, forever making lists.  My lists have lists.  Never ending lists.

Cooking : HAHA! That’s what Menulog’s for.

Drinking : Soy cappuccino, no sugar.

Reading : The TV guide.

Wanting: A million dollars.  This time of the year makes me broke.

Looking: Like I need a deep sleep for a very long time.

Playing: Wildest Dreams, yes I do enjoy a bit of Tay Tay.

Deciding: What I’m going to wear to work tomorrow.  It really does save time if I organise it from the night before which doesn’t happen often.

Wishing: For a holiday somewhere tropical.

Enjoying: My weekends having fun with great people.

Waiting: For the finishing touches to Notsopeachie to be completed.  I’m so impatient.

Liking: Daylight savings.  Its so great to have daylight at 7:30pm.

Loving: Nectarines this year especially the ones I’ve eaten so far have been delicious.

Pondering: If I made a sex tape (I’m not saying I’m going too) would anyone watch it let alone end up as famous as Kim Kardashian?

Considering: Cutting my hair.  I always think about cutting it shorter but I don’t think I ever will.

Buying: Christmas presents and lots of them.

Watching: The Biggest Loser.

Cringing: At my nails.  I hate seeing regrowth I really need time to get them done.

Needing: To go to the chemist before my prescription runs out.

Questioning: Why it’s Monday tomorrow and how I don’t want to go to work.

Smelling: Garlic, someone’s eating something with garlic.

Wearing: A white long sleeve v neckline dress from Boohoo.

Following: So many great retail companies on Instagram it’s feeding my shopping addiction.

Noticing: How white my legs are and how badly I need a tan.

Thinking: I’m trying to cut down on the thinking.  Too many thoughts running through my head causing my head to hurt.

Admiring: All the beautiful fashion out right now.  All the gorgeous Christmas presents I would totally love for myself.

Sorting: my stuff.  I have so much stuff.  It’s taking a lot longer to go through everything than I anticipated.

Getting: An adult colouring book and pencils.  I’ve heard colouring in is good to relax so I’m going to give it a go.

Bookmarking: So many outfits I love which I can’t justify buying….yet!

Coveting: To get back into a routine so I can have more time to get more things crossed off my list.

Disliking: The thought of tax increasing to 15%.

Giggling: Over these videos I’ve been watching on Instagram.

Feeling: Tired and slightly stressed with everything I want to do.

Snacking: I don’t snack a lot except when I have a draining  week like last week.  I ate chocolate and a packet of twisties.

Hearing: the sound of the fan it’s been very humid lately.



Did you enjoy How Is Your November Going? Should I do it next month?



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  1. Did you end up getting that colouring in book? If so you should post some pics of your work on Instagram ❤️

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