Is Sydney A Hard Place To Make Friends In?

” The best thing to hold onto in life is each other” – Audrey Hepburn

Someone told me recently Sydney is the hardest city in Australia to make friends in.  I don’t know  how accurate this information is as I don’t know where she got it from or what it is based on.  I might be biased as I’ve lived in Sydney my whole life but random people don’t seem to have any troubles approaching me to start a conversation. 

When I first started at my current job over three years ago nearly every day for the first three months someone would start a conversation with me in the lift. These people weren’t colleagues that worked in my department or even my division, they worked in completely different areas of the company and I had never spoken to them before or even knew their names.  The conversations weren’t idol chit chat about the weather, it was about their x-ray results or what should I cook for dinner tonight for my husband or I don’t know what to wear for this engagement do think I would look better in red or wear black because that’s what I’m confident in?  The girl who I use to sit next to at the time would make a joke of it because in all the time she had been there she had never experienced this so every morning she would ask me “So who did you speak to today?”

Work isn’t the only place where people approach me.  I was at Westfield Shopping Centre trying to get from one shop to the next in a timely manner while eating a banana muffin when someone grabbed my arm.  It was an elderly lady I thought she was going to ask me where a shop was but instead she said “Don’t eat that muffin you don’t want to end up fat like me” she went on to ask me how much I weighed, it’s very hard to escape from someone old enough to be your grandma without being rude.  There was also this time at the train station when a lady asked me if her dress made her look fat. I now realize how difficult it is for men when ladies ask does my bum look big in this because even when I said no not at all she still gave me this look like she didn’t believe me.  The majority of people I met are lovely.

My good Kate who I have mentioned in a couple of posts, I met her on the bus going to work around 6 years ago and we have been good friends ever since.  She was new to Sydney at the time, I love meeting new people and we can both talk for hours so we were a match made in heaven.  I never get bored of seeing people’s reactions whenever we tell people how we met because the last place people expect you to make friends is on public transport but it just goes to show that you can make a lifelong friend anywhere. 

Do you think it’s hard to make friends in Sydney?  Have you made a friend in an unlikely place or situation?          

3 thoughts on “Is Sydney A Hard Place To Make Friends In?”

  1. I agree with gigi's comment about us using technology. I think the more people there are in your city, you have more chance of finding a friend you'll get on with because there's more to choose from. It's cool how ou met Kate. I haven't met people in unusual ways yet. But I find people down south are sometimes more friendly so I talk to lots of people when I'm out and about.

  2. I agree, I don't think Sydney is particularly hard to find friends, in comparison to other places…but I guess we've lived here most our lives. Also, it may be because everyone gets distracted with all our smartphones, iPads etc!! Ahh technology..!

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