My Encounter With Nick Lachey

” I live in a world of fantasy so keep your reality away from me
I see what I want
I want what I see and that is all okay by me” – Itzan C Kret

I was having a conversation the other day with my friend Eva about how we don’t get excited about things like we use to, more so Eva than me.  Its understandable Eva is 10 years older than me and has accomplished more than I could ever dream of.  Which made me remember that not so long ago I use to wake up every day and whole heartily believe that something great was going to happen that day.  Come to think about it there was very few days nothing exciting happened, maybe that’s the key being open to believe that something will happen.  It reminds me of the time I was coming back home from Vegas.   


We were sleep deprived after spending a week in sin city and getting mild food poisoning from eating fried chicken that didn’t look like chicken the day before didn’t help. At LAX airport waiting for our connecting flight back to Sydney we were so tired we passed out.  I’m surprised we made our flight or that nobody stole our handbags or suitcases.  

As I’m going up the steps to board the V Australia plane I turn around to my friend Kate and say “I didn’t see a celebrity, at the beginning of the week I said we need to see a celebrity while we were in Vegas”.  Kate said patiently “Chantelle we had a great time; you won money, saw shows, bought lots of clothes, went to clubs and The Grand Canyon”.  She had a point so I continued walking up the stairs which everyone waiting in line behind us was grateful for.

I’m walking through first class to get to my seat in economy when I bump into this man putting his suitcase in the overhead compartments.  His back was facing me and I wanted to apologise. He turned around and absolutely was gorgeous! I couldn’t help but look at him and stare.  He just stood there, didn’t move or say a word like he had been trained for exactly these situations.  The longer I stared at him the more I realised he looked familiar but I couldn’t pick where I knew him from.  The lady sitting down (which I learnt later on was his wife) was looking at me with this concerned look on her face like she was worried for his safety so I thought I better keep walking before I cause a commotion.  I get to my seat and say to Kate “I know that man from somewhere but I can’t remember from where”.  Kate somehow didn’t see me bump into anyone.  The guy sitting to my right then turns and says “That was Nick Lachey, I’m going to leave you two girls to it and sit in one of the empty seats”.

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  1. Thats a great encounter and it made me laugh! I haven't had that many encounters with celebrities but it's a buzz when it happens. Life happens when you least expect it!

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