My Favourite Things – Ladies Some TLC

I know you will all agree with me when I say everyone needs some TLC every once in a while and why not we deserve it! 

Nothing screams TLC more than going to a day spa.  The first time I went to Endota Spa it was a few years ago with a friend and I still remember how revitalized I felt walking out of there.  The therapist who did my massage and facial was beyond amazing I wanted to befriend her.  The next time I went back to Endota Spa at The Rocks for a facial I was pleased that my new therapist lived up to my previous therapist.  I still can’t fault their service they have always been friendly and professional.  Before and after your treatment they give you an option of water or organic tea, go for the tea I think it compliments the whole experience.  

They offer a wide range of treatments, facials, massages and spa packages so whether you are in need of an organic facial, pedicure, body scrub or a relaxation massage they have got you covered.  They do group packages as well so if you want to get the girls together it’s TLC at its best! 

Now that we are glowing and feeling revitalized why not get our makeup done.  I forgot how wonderful it feels to have somebody do your makeup especially when it’s done by talented makeup artists like the makeup artists who work at Napoleon Perdis.  I recently had my makeup done for a wedding I went too, I thought why not I didn’t buy a new dress or new shoes and I needed to buy concealer so I might as well get my makeup done.  I’m so glad I made that decision because it really did boost the confidence.  I had never worn fake eyelashes before and it was fun because I felt like I was a kid playing dress ups.  

If you have an occasion coming up why not book yourself in to get your makeup done.  We should treat ourselves sometimes.  

What do you do when you need some TLC?

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