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“Frugality, I’ve learned, has its own cost, one that sometimes last forever” – Nicholas Sparks

I once read a quote from a celebrity that said, “I believe to be happy you have to spend more than your means”.  I’m very good at spending my money but not so good at saving it.  An example of me saving is when I go to the cash register at Myer and they tell me the dress I’m purchasing is another 30% off the sale price.  When this happens I’m overwhelmed with happiness and feel like giving myself a pat on the back for a job well done.  As you can see being thrifty is foreign to me so I love when I  get to hear stories about thrifty people.  

My colleague at work loves a bargain, if you want the best price on something you just ask him.  He loves a discount no matter how small.  He was going to travel an hour and a half by bus to Grill’d to get a free burger worth $14.  The only reason he didn’t was because we told him he was mad.  Would you travel that far for a burger?

My friend dated a girl who had this roommate; the lengths the roommate went to to save money will amaze you!  She thought panty liners were too expensive so she decided to make her own from material.  She would also dry them in the lounge room.
She also had a two square toilet paper limit regardless if she was doing a number one or two.  How is that even possible I don’t know?  Is it a brilliant idea or too extreme?
I remember the day I was getting my nails done when one of the customers started talking to me about her workplace.  She worked with a lady who liked to share stories on how she always got the best price.  Her local ice creamery has a 10% off ice cream when it rains.  She was meeting up with her friends on an overcast day and wanted to take a tub of ice cream over to her friends place.  She was late to catch up with her friends because she waited till it started sprinkling so she could get 10% off which came to a saving of under 10 cents.  Do you think your time is better spent with your friends than waiting for it to rain?

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  1. OMG found this. Equally as hilarious and sad!!

    An old friend of mine used to tell me stories about this guy she met in college several years ago. She said that he was a really nice guy and they became fairly good friends, but he was about the cheapest person she had ever met. I guess he admitted to her one day after he had drank too much that he would wear his underwear for two days in a row. The first day he would wear them right-side out, then he would turn them inside out come the second day. When she told him how gross she thought that was, he responded with, “hey, I'm a college student on a budget. I need to worry about tuition and book fees, not how much it's going to cost me at the laundromat.”

    One day she went to visit him in his dorm and had brought a bag of McDonald's with food for both of them. After they had finished their food and she tried to throw the bag in the trash, he yelled at her not to throw the bag away because it had ketchup packets in it. He dug the ketchup packets out of the trash, and my friend proceeded to watch as he opened each individual packet to transfer them to a ketchup bottle he kept in his mini-fridge. He told her that you never knew when you'd run out of ketchup, so whenever he was in a fast-food restaurant he always grabbed handfuls, just in case.

    She told me that he was also guilty of buying two-ply paper towels and toilet paper, so he could get twice the use out of them when he separated them. Whenever he stayed in hotels he would take not only the complimentary soaps and shampoos, but the towels and pillows as well. Whenever he started getting low on milk, he would add some water to it, to make it stretch longer. He said it didn't taste much different than skim milk.

    Anything that came in a container that could possibly be reused, this guy saved. I guess he had boxes of margarine and sour cream tubs that he would use as bowls, jars of jelly and salsa that he would use as drinking glasses, and he would keep and wash/rewash all of the forks and plastic ware he would use when he ate in fast-food restaurants.

  2. I personally believe that TIME is as valuable as money. I will never think to travel 2 hrs for free food, or wait in the rain for a bargain.
    My saving strategy is to have a budget and take out the portion I want to save (regardless of the amount) before I start spending any money. It gives me freedom to spend money on the things I first need then want and pushes me always think before I buy. This is how I maintain the life style I want and can afford, with a bit of money saved, all at the same time.

  3. When I was much younger (so much younger than today), I didn't mind spending most of my money… Pretty much everything was considered disposable income 🙂 But now that I'm sort of older and we're at a stage where we're looking to buy a home sweet home… I'm more of a saver 🙂 That said, I use more than two squares at the ladies 🙂

  4. Sadly I dont think I have really ever saved a single cent. Its not that I dont want to save it just seems like the couplw of times I have something else has come up which leads me to spend it – usually a car problem or something. One day I would love to have some savings put away for a rainy day. I honestly think you are good with money as you never seem to have none.

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