Resolution Time!

“Take your dreams to the gym. Without action, nothing happens” – Gonzo Arzuaga

 I had this moment seven years ago where I was freaking out to this girl I use to know because I felt like I hadn’t achieved anything that year.  She simply said to me there is always next year and it was from that moment I decided to get serious about New Year Resolutions.  

A common New Year Resolution is to lose weight but it’s also the resolution people give up after a month.  Lets be honest, there are the Michelle Bridges of the world and then there is everyone else. I don’t know about you but I haven’t met many Michelle Bridges equivalents (for my US readers Michelle Bridges is Australia’s version of Jillian Michaels).  I classify myself in the lazy ass category so I thought I could share my ” tips” that might just help another lazy ass achieve their New Year Resolutions.

I like to have three resolutions but that’s entirely up to you based on what you want to achieve and how many you can honestly handle.  
I have one big resolution which is always something I have been putting off because of fear (I’m scared of a lot of things), this year I have to get braces.
My second resolution is something that will better me, this year I want to be able to take my dog Snickers for a run without feeling like I’m going to die after 20 minutes.
My third resolution is something fun or practical, this year I won’t allow myself to buy anymore body products i.e. face and body moisturisers until I have used up everything that I already own which is taking up all my bathroom cupboard space. 

My first resolution to get it moving along I need to make appointments with orthodontists.  For me this will be the most difficult part because it’s the first step and the first step is always the hardest. It requires me to get three referrals, call and go to the appointment.  I will set a date that this has to be done by 31st of March.  If this hasn’t been done by that date my punishment is I can’t buy anything for myself for a month and for me that is punishment!

My second resolution is going to be really hard for me because I HATE exercising and I’m lazy. My tutor in high school told me to buy something exciting for my desk to motivate me to sit at it and study, bless his cotton socks for trying but nothing was going to get me to study but it did give me the idea to buy workout clothes.  I will probably have to buy new workout clothes every three months but it will be worth it.  You also need a partner to go with, someone reliable who isn’t going to bail on you and motivate you to get up off your ass.  Snickers is going to be my partner as he will never say no to a run and he runs faster than me so he pulls me along.

My last resolution requires self restraint and a reminder not to purchase anymore of these products.  I write my New Year Resolutions in my phone because I’m always looking at my phone so it’s a constant reminder.  You can put them on your fridge or your bedside table whatever you look at on a daily basis. I’m also going to display all my products to visually remind me of what is in the cupboards.

Good Luck!

3 thoughts on “Resolution Time!”

  1. Great tips Chantelle 🙂 Will definitely keep my resolutions on my phone – haha, and not shopping for a month is a huge punishment – great motivation hehe.

  2. Love your dedication to your resolutions and how each one is in a category like bettering yourself etc. my resolution is to not worry so much as I do about things I have no control over. Just worry about the things I can control and go for changes there. Ill see how I go eh!? Btw love your idea about buying new workout gear.

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