Save A Day To See Saving Mr Banks

“I am not pretty. I am not beautiful.  I am as radiant as the sun” – Suzanne Collins

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 I still love going to the movies it brings back happy childhood memories of first dates, getting kicked out of the cinema from being too loud, movie marathons, birthday’s and eating choc tops and popcorn and not caring about the calories.  


 My movie buddy Gigi and I went and saw Saving Mr Banks on the weekend, I wouldn’t normally write about a movie unless

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 I could say that at the end of year I will still remember it and at the end of 2014 I will remember Saving Mr Banks.

Walt Disney has been trying for 20 years to make his daughters favourite book Mary Poppins into a movie after a promise he made them.  Finally in 1961 the Australian author Pamela Travers reluctantly decides to go to LA for two weeks to go over the ideas for the movie but only because she has run out of money since no one is buying her book anymore.  Pamela doesn’t like any of the ideas Walt Disney and his team has come up with and won’t budge.  She also hasn’t signed over the book rights to Walt Disney and therefore Walt is doing everything he can to make this stubborn, prickly author happy.  We see flashbacks of this beautiful father daughter relationship Pamela had with her father Mr Banks.  Pamela adored her father but he was an alcoholic and watching his behaviour when he was drunk was heart breaking for her and her mother. Pamela finally does let go of her past and forgives herself which allows her to finally be happy and sign over the rights.

The movie has its funny moments but it also has its sad moments.  Gigi and I can’t remember the last time we cried in a movie and the both of us had tears running down our face.  The man behind us was crying so loudly I wanted to turn around and say “Can you please cry quietly like the rest of us”. The movie did end on a happy note like all movies should in my opinion.

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I loved the movie because it was funny but moved me to the point that I cried, I loved the cast, the fact it was based on an Australian author and there was Australian scenes but I also loved how women in the 1960’s dressed, so seeing Pamela Travers rocking a perm with pearls while always in a skirt suit looking feminine and sophisticated was awesome.

Emma Thompson who played the character of Pamela Travers was brilliant.  Tom Hanks played Walt Disney and was very charming in this movie.  Colin Farrell played Mr Banks so he was the eye candy.  I also have to mention Annie Rose Buckley who played Ginty she was great and is from the Western suburbs and I hope to see more of her in the future.  The movie is rated PG so it’s suitable for the family.

The movie is getting a lot of tweets on Twitter, if you have watched it I would love for you to share your thoughts.

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  1. Thanks hun, I will be sure to watch this one!
    Going to the movies totally reminds me of the old movie marathon days, and I always love the smell of fresh popcorn, but your right going to the movies is one of the places people let go of all their inhibitions, get a big coke and choc top and relax. X

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