Outfits For Spring


Yesterday was the first day of spring. Spring is my favourite season cause its not too cold and not too hot, the perfect balance.  When I think of spring I think of flowers, Melbourne Cup, butterflies, weddings and radiant sunshine.  It’s a busy time on the social calendar with the races, weddings, formals, birthdays (does anybody else have a lot of birthdays coming up?) or for a night out and I’ve found the perfect outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd.

I browsed three stores that I know and love to find these outfits from Myer, Review and Forever New.  Here are the outfits from Myer:


Watercolour Floral Bella Dress by Charlie Brown – $199

If spring was not a season but a dress it would be this dress.  The colours and floral print scream ‘spring’. I know a lot of people who prefer strapless dresses, I love the print and the style of this dress.  The bow is a cute finishing touch and ends just above the knee.  This dress is suitable to wear to the races, school formal or to a wedding.




Stripe Splice Fitted Dress by Jane Lamerton – $159

One of my very first work tops was by Jane Lamerton so, you could say we go way back. I love stripes and geometric shapes which is a trend at the moment so no surprise I love this dress.  The splash of green gives it that spring, calming feel.  You can wear this to a corporate function, christening or for a nice dinner.


Indigo Jumpsuit by Seduce – $239.95

For all the ladies who love jumpsuits this one is for you.  I love navy, I love the detail of this jumpsuit and it’s different from others I have seen before.  It’s sleek, chic and sophisticated.  You could wear this jumpsuit to a corporate function or wedding, literally anywhere as it’s versatile.


Here are my picks from Review.

Rouge Poppy Dress – $289.99

This vintage style dress is definitely one you could wear at the races.  With a beautiful floral pattern and a splash of red, what a great bright colour.  If you want to show off your curves this dress is for you.  You could wear it to just about any event.


Margarita Dress – $289.99

I love the name of this dress.  Yes it’s another navy dress but I couldn’t help myself.  This strapless dress is timeless and feminine with the lace detail and swish skirt.  Any girl going to the formal would look beautiful in this dress but you could wear it to any special event.


Catalina Dress – $279.99

This is the last floral dress I promise but it is spring after all.  Navy and white is such a classic combination and adding the little green detail is just divine. This dress isn’t as formal so you could probably get more wear out of it as you can dress it up or down.


The below dresses are from Forever New – If you hate colour and prefer black the next two dresses are for you.

Phillipa V-neck Lace Swing Dress – $159.99

I’ve added a couple of black dresses because black is a classic, an old favourite for some but essential for any woman’s wardrobe.  I love a v neckline and I can’t go past lace I love it.  It is similar to the Margarita dress but it has a small sleeve.  You have so many options of what colour shoes you can wear with black which makes life just that little bit easier.


Avery Cross Front High-Low Maxi Dress  – $99.99

For those of you who have beautiful long legs (I’m so jealous and I hate you ) this dress is for you.  I like this style of dress.  I like the sheer bottom, the belt that adds some class and gives you a more defined waistline and the v neckline. This dress was made to attend a party and with you in it.


If you purchase any of the above, I would love to see a picture of you wearing it, just tag notsopeachie #notsopeachie.

So readers, do you love spring? Do you have a lot of events on in the next three months? Do you love bright colours and floral print as much as I do?

Friday Review: Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream


I was at my grandma’s house when I was introduced to Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream.  My uncle had bought it for my grandma and asked me if I had tried it before.  I hadn’t tried this hand cream before but what got my attention is when he mentioned Queen Elizabeth uses it.  I use hand cream everyday so I’m always on the lookout for a great hand cream.

On the box it states to “Softens hands and protects against the drying effects of the sun, cold weather and hard water.  Hydrates and revitalizes, helps minimize the look of age spots.  Helps keep palms dry and conditions nails”.  I wanted to find out if the cream delivered what it promises and ultimately would it be worth buying again.

What I like about this cream is that it’s effective in keeping your hands soft and protected.  The ingredients of this cream are light and use mostly natural extracts and oils that are gentle on the skin.  I like how soft my hands are after using it.  My skin absorbs the cream almost instantly leaving a light soft feeling and a non-greasy layer.  My hands are still smooth even after I have washed them a few times.  The citrus fragrance of the cream is subtle and lasts for quite some time.

So far it was ticking all the boxes but I wanted to dig deeper and find out in greater depths more about the ingredients used.  I asked my friend Heba who previously worked as a pharmacist and has experience mixing creams for prescriptions to tell me if she thought the cream could deliver what it promotes.  She said it has shea butter and coconut oil two of her most favourite natural moisturizers as they are excellent at keeping your hands smooth and hydrated.  You combine these two ingredients with myrrah, sesame oil and white mulberry root extract fills the cream with antioxidants which helps the cell regeneration process and removes dryness.  It also creates a protecting layer to retain the water in your skin and helps in the removal of age spots.  The cream also has Allantoin, Lecithin and Vitamin E which also promotes skin healing and cell regeneration which works to prevent and treat skin aging.  Everyone wants a cream that works to prevent and treat skin aging.  She also informed me sesame oil can act as a sunscreen which protects your hands from the UV light.

Heba thought Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream was a winner!  So much she wanted to go out and buy it.

As my Hand and Nail Treatment Cream had run out I was also in need of a new one.

As I’m a Myer one card member my personal preference is Myer, it’s $40 and worth every cent.  http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/au-clarins-hand-and-nail-treatment-cream-100ml-d-1029


Dear readers, do you use hand cream regularly? Have you ever tried Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream before or do you have a favourite?