Do Your Armpits Smell?



I have a confession to make… my body odour doesn’t smell like roses all the time and that’s why choosing a good deodorant is important to me.  Nobody wants to smell of body odour and in this warm weather, you need deodorant that is going to protect you all day long.  Nobody wants to smell it’s embarrassing. People keep their distance from you and it’s not pleasant for everyone around you.  The pharmacist, my friend Heba and I have come together once again to review Mitchum roll on and to see if it delivers.


Our bodies need to sweat to cool down otherwise our internal organs would get cooked inside out.  Sweat is odourless, the reason why we smell is when we sweat bacteria that lives on our skin flourish’s in the damp warm folds in our armpits.


Mitchum roll on is anti-perspirant. It works by blocking the pores in the skin for a period of time, so it limits the sweat flow to the skin which helps against excessive sweating and body odour. Mitchum claims to work for up to 48 hours.


Mitchum uses fragrances such as geraniol coumarin, hexyl cinnamal and citronellol to mask unpleasant smells. This deodorant also works as a disinfectant because it has hydrogen peroxide,  which kills odour producing bacteria.


You can use this deodorant after you shave as it doesn’t irritate your skin. Ingredients include aloe vera, lauric acid, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol and vitamin E which provides softness to sensitive skin.


I’ve been using this deodorant for at least six months and I love it because after a long hit day in the sun, I’m still protected from body odour.  Also if I apply it after I get dressed it doesn’t leave white marks.  Be mindful that it does apply on wet. It doesn’t irritate my skin, it’s a winner for me.


I buy my Mitchum roll on from Woolworths.


So readers, have you tried Mitchum roll on? What’s your favourite deodorant?