The One That Got Away

“The worst part is knowing that even if I walk away, my heart will always be waiting for you to follow”

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Why does the only one that got away hold a tighter grip on you than all the rest you sent away?


 You haven’t spoken to him in seven months, you think you have moved on and then you make the bad decision and you contact him.  

You have been on a detox for the last seven months drinking nothing but vegetables and green juices.  You have completely stayed away from confectionery and fast food because you know nothing ever good comes from it, you eat it then feel sick and regret it.  Here you are though tempted by an Oreo McFlurry and you think, what is the worst that could happen from one Oreo McFlurry?  I like to compare him with sugar because they are both highly addictive and not speaking to him is like being on a detox.  

Writing the email your heart is pounding and you know you have to just write it and send it quickly so you don’t think about it for a minute longer.  
You ask him how his life is, the one you are no longer in.  You make the mistake by hitting the Send button. 

Reading the reply feels like someone has tied up your hands and feet and pushed you off a boat.  Have you not already learnt there is no point trying to burn him because the only person you end up burning is yourself?

They are doing well, yes they the girl he chose over you.  It turns out his quite busy living his life without you.  He compliments you because that’s what guys do who don’t want to come across as the bad guy.  You are now remembering the first time he touched your face and told you he loved you.  The time he told you you were the love of his life and your legs turned into jelly.  This is when you start to regret hitting the send button. 


He will always be the one that got away and you’ll always be the girl he didn’t chose but you’re not the same person you were seven months ago, you’re stronger now.  So you do what all smart girls do, you don’t reply back, you delete his email, you crank up Beyoncé’s Best thing I never had and you sing along channeling your own inner diva.

7 thoughts on “The One That Got Away”

  1. .. and still we long for that one. Soon I will be strong enough to delete his number off my phone. Unfortunately I'm still hooked.

  2. Not everyone is meant to stay, as tough as it is we need to let go. I hope your next blog is about that someone who's meant to stay. Good luck

  3. So heartfelt…what a moving blog to read. I have to say I don't know how that feels but can definitely relate to rejection. I think what helps sometimes is to realise that things happen for a reason. Even if that reason is not clear straight away it will come with time. I couldn't pick a box to tick because my reaction was 'moved'.

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