Trying To Find Balance


At school, I was the type of person who struggled with time management and always left school assignments to the last minute.  I was so good at procrastinating, that I tried to find a career where procrastinating was a skill requirement.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve had to learn to be more organised, so that I don’t stress out and let things get the better of me.

Anyone who has worked on a project that’s close to their heart knows the feeling of relief and joy when you finally cross the finishing line months later than you had anticipated.  I created a new blog and started from scratch again – a fresh start and a new direction.

The blog is the first thing I have accomplished for myself … by myself.  I am proud of what I have created, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  Naturally I want it to blossom and grow.  Nothing blossoms and grows without constant TLC.  There are quite a few elements of blogging; of course there’s the writing, photography, social, networking and the dreaded technical side.  All these elements need time, with trial and error.

Last week was a bad week for me on the technical front.  One of my pages got hacked which I only discovered because my friend had pointed out. My email subscription and comments weren’t working (which might have been my fault for fiddling around with things but we won’t tell the IT guy that).  The guy uninstalled my spam plugin so now I have 1000 pending spam comments.  I was ready to loose my shit.  The problems just got worse as the week went on. I’m an impatient person I want things fixed straight away. I’m not a reasonable calm person when I’m stressed.  Even Oprah can’t save me when I’m in that state of mind.

When I wasn’t drowning with technical issues, I was absorbed in Twitter, reading tweets from the pro blogger event.  So it wasn’t a surprise when I got into trouble for being constantly on my phone and not paying attention.

It was true my mind was elsewhere.  Does anyone else struggle to shut off their mind?

I knew I could either do two things.  I could hide away from the rest of the world with my phone and laptop and be left to deal with my problems and get a lot of stuff done and probably eventually end up lonely.  Or I can try and manage my time better so that when I’m out I’m not worrying about the tasks at hand or thinking about ideas of what to write.  I know I need to find a balance so I don’t become more mental than I already am.  The silver lining of last week was being approached to become brand ambassador (super exciting can’t wait to show you their stuff) but half of the fun of receiving exciting news is being able to share it with someone else.

So readers, do you struggle with time management?

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  1. I can definitely relate to the procrastination, the things is I used to be so good when I was in school but since i started work not so good anymore.

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