Two Words … ‘Love Rat’

The Bachelor, the show is the perfect example of rubbish reality TV at it’s best and of course I got myself addicted to it.  It puzzles me as to ‘why would any woman want to date a man that’s dating 30 other women at the same time’?  Call me crazy but that doesn’t sound like a fun time to me. 
One of the things that I find entertaining is how when one of the bachelorette’s come home from their date with the bachelor, all the other bachelorettes are SO excited to find out how the date went.  They ask all these questions about – what they did on their date? Did they kiss? Do you have a connection with him?  The  bachelorette whose been on the date then gloats about how AMAZING it was, how she’s NEVER felt like this about anyone before, No ONE has ever treated her so well before – if dating a man that is dating 30 other women is classified as being treated well then, women must be drinking a lot of cocktails at these weekly cocktail parties!  After the bachelorettes hear how AMAZING the date went they all get jealous, upset and this seems to happen on a weekly basis like they’ll never learn to … just stop asking in the first place!! So I’m sure if you couldn’t see why I was addicted before, you can now.
This year’s bachelor Blake, had a hard time choosing just one lady – he liked them all!  It must be like when I go to Yum Cha and the trolleys of food go around and I just can’t get myself to choose one dish, I have to try them all!!!
At the finale, Blake finally chooses just one lady, the lovely beautiful Sam.  He proposes to her and she says YES!!! I just want to put this out there, does anyone else find it irrational of him to propose to someone he’s been on like five dates with? While he was dating 29 other women?   
Sam is thinking she is the luckiest girl in the world, she has won the heart of Blake.  The smooth talking, handsome, tall Blake…….BEEP WRONG! Turns out Lisa the runner up is the lucky one because our Blake is actually a love rat! O.M.G WTF who would have ever thought the man sweet talking 30 women is a love rat!!!!!!!
He dumped Sam shortly after the show stopped airing, he said that once they both got back home they realized they both wanted different things.  SAY WHAT??!!!  You’re telling me Blake that in the five short dates you had with Sam, you didn’t know her well enough to realize you both wanted different things even though you proposed to her???? 
I’m in such a state of shock that I think I need a whole block of chocolate.
So of course Blake goes running to Lisa (the runner up) and asks her if she still has feelings for him?  Of course she doesn’t you idiot! You made her believe that you were going to choose her and then dumped her on national TV.  
Who’s left? Louise the young blonde from QLD, the third last girl standing.  He wrote her a love letter because the ONLY reason he dumped her was because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings……dumping a girl because you want to protect them sounds very logical to me.  He takes her on a cheap exotic holiday to Thailand after two weeks of intimate phone conversations because as we know, Blake doesn’t waste time he proposes after five dates.
I don’t know what spell the love rat put on Louise but now they are together even though everyone is telling Louise bad things about him.  My advice Louise, RUNNNNNNNN   

4 thoughts on “Two Words … ‘Love Rat’”

  1. Haha, what a great take on it all. All I think is that he shouldn't have proposed to Sam and he definitely has issues. There must be a whole lot of shit we don't see cos the whole thing was messed up. Maybe Blake and Louise are meant for each other? Water does eventually find its own level…

  2. i could not stop laughing at the comparison with yum cha. This year i did find the show irritating , I couldn't bring myself to watch a whole episode.from the glimpses I could'nt avoid , He seemed to say the same things over and over again,” looking for a connection …I felt connected … I didn't feel the connection” i don't think he knew what he wanted in a relationship , hence the yum cha delimma. Love your post and I am looking forward for more from you.

  3. Loved watching the drama on the bachelor this year! Blake is the ultimate love rat, however I always found him so unattractive and awkward. The whole situation is a good laugh, and Louise must have zero brain cells to say YES to the confused Blake. Same as you Chantelle, I could not date a guy who was openly dating 30 other women at the same time, craziness!

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