Up Up and Away

It’s been two years since I’ve been on a holiday.  I have accrued so much annual leave I was forced to take time off.  I hadn’t turned into a workaholic and surely I hadn’t forgotten how much I love to travel.  I blame it on how much dental and orthodontic work costs in this country even with private health insurance.  I know the removal of four teeth and braces will be worth it in the run long but it sure doesn’t come cheap.   

It was time for a holiday, time to recuperate, relax while sipping on cocktails lying next to the pool and sunbake. Going sightseeing, eat great food and discover myself while shoe shopping are definite priorities.

It was arranged as a ‘girls holiday’ with my sister Jess and my cousin Radha.  We leaving tomorrow to go to Langwaki in Malaysia than we are off to Singapore and lastly staying a night in Kuala Lumpa. As all three of us haven’t been to Singapore or Malaysia, our friends have been telling us places to eat, shop and visit – which has only built up the excitement since we booked in last November. 

Jess is a Virgin member and I’m an Emirates member, so we both wanted to fly with our preferred airline.  One afternoon Gigi sent me a text about a sale Air Asia were having and I told Jess about it. It worked out to be a lot cheaper than Virgin and had the dates we wanted which Emirates didn’t so, we decided to go with Air Asia.  We haven’t flown Air Asia before.      

Than a month or so after booking the flights the tragic Air Asia flight went missing.  Radha has a fear of flying, I’ve never been afraid of flying which is one of the very few things I’m not afraid. I know how much flying is a fear for so many people, more so when tragic events like this happen. I have to admit even though I know I have more chances of dying going to the airport than I do on the plane, I am a bit worried.  I do believe whatever is in your destiny is going to happen and you can’t predict it nor control it.

Nancy who does my nails told me her friend had booked her whole family to go to Malaysia flying Air Asia. She cancelled it and lost her money because she’s too scared once hearing about the recent Air Asia tragedy.

Readers, would you cancel your trip if you were flying Air Asia? Would you fly Air Asia? What is your scariest flying experience?

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