Vows, Zumbo and a Croquembouche

A friend who I grew up with as a children got married on Saturday, we were neighbours growing up as kids.  It was a beautiful wedding and during the ceremony I saw my childhood flash before my eyes.  Life goes by so quickly, I don’t remember when life started to pass me by so quickly but I’ve been told it only goes quicker as you get older.  I remember busking outside of her house with her sister and my brother using Sesame Street instruments, playing dress ups, decorating the cubby house that dad built which sat in between our fences.  Hours spent playing hide n seek, water bomb fights in summer, washing our parents cars and racing our billy carts down our street.  We were always doing something and we always had the best time and now she was walking down the aisle.  

I was surprised at how many of her family members I recognized that I hadn’t seen in years. What surprised me even more was seeing Adriano Zumbo at the wedding!  The first time I saw Zumbo was on Master Chef when they had to recreate his croquembouche.  I’ve purchased his cake mixes from the supermarket and they are so good so when I discovered he had made a croquembouche for the wedding I was very excited to try it but first I had to get a photo with him.

I was shy to ask but I knew this opportunity doesn’t come around every day and I wanted to send the picture to my friends to rub it in their faces.  My big sister came up with me to ask for a photo and he was so nice about it even though it was a private function.  I’ve bumped into Nick Lachey, waved at President Obama but getting a photo with Zumbo was just as sweet.  

The croquembouche was amazing so amazing I had two pieces.  I especially loved the one that had vanilla inside over the chocolate one.  If I was the bride I would have ordered two croquembouches, one for the guests and one for me to eat later on that night in the hotel room.       

The next wedding I have coming up is my good friend Kate who I’ve mentioned before.  Her wedding is in September and I’m very much looking forward to it.  I think Kate should have a celebrity at her wedding there is no pressure or anything but I would love to take a photo with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence or Ryan Reynolds just to name a few….

Have you taken a photo with any celebrities? Or who would you like to take a photo with?

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