What I Learnt From Stepping In Dog Shit

“I think if I weren’t so beautiful, maybe I’d have more character” – Jerry Hall

It was a lovely warm sunny day yesterday, it didn’t feel at all like Autumn.  I thought I would take advantage of this warm weather and do some washing before the storm came.  I went outside to hang up my washing feeling quite proud of myself for not leaving it for another day when I stepped in something.  I tried to get it off my shoe by rubbing my shoe in the dirt but it only made it worse and that’s when i realised what I had stepped in, Snicker’s shit!

Of course it wasn’t shit that was a couple of days old, it was fresh shit and it stunk which made me question what we are feeding him.  My first reaction was to get angry but at who?  I can’t get angry at Snickers, look at him his too damn cute and he doesn’t give a crap anyway and being angry at myself is no fun.

I considered throwing away the shoes but instead went to the laundry tub and ran hot water over the back of the shoe hoping it would remove all the shit that was now smeared all along it and up the sides of it.

I saw my best friend later that day and told her what happened.  I asked her if stepping in dog shit was good luck because when a bird shits on you it means good luck and if that’s the case I want to buy a lotto ticket.  Or does it mean the opposite and I’m going to have a really bad week and I should start preparing for the worst.  She said to me, Chantelle your week will be whatever you make it.  I went quite for a moment, I knew she was right.

Life isn’t always rainbows and lollipops sometimes life is stepping in dog shit.  What I learnt is your dog will smile at you while you’re cleaning his shit off your shoes showing no sympathy and next time you’re walking in your backyard you should pay more attention to the ground instead of looking up at the clear blue sky.

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  1. Yes you're right, you are what you make of everything. And yes dogs will be dogs 🙂

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