What Makes You Happy?

My friend Kate described me in an email the other day as the queen of happiness and even though I was honoured to receive such a compliment we both know some days that couldn’t be further from the truth.  


I spoke to a friend on the phone the other night she was upset because she’s not happy and doesn’t know how to be happy.  As a friend you try and give the best advice you can and hope that something you have said has made a difference even in the smallest way. 


 It has taken me some time to be happy I guess like a lot of people I’m figuring out life as I go.  I know happiness for me didn’t come overnight and it was something I had to work on everyday and still do when I’m having a bad day.  I try and be positive and find the silver lining or just be around people who make me laugh and smile. 


I believe getting rid of people in your life that drag you down is a must and finding out what makes you happy is essential.  It has taken me a while to form my list of what makes me happy and I know this list will change but here it is as it currently stands.

*Making people laugh

*Being with good company

*Eating foods that are high in calories

*Spending beyond my means

*Getting massages, facials and my nails done

*Singing I will survive at the top of my lungs

*Trying new things that I suck at

*Writing this blog

* Making new friends

*Spring flowers and summer fruits 

*When I find a pair of size 5 shoes in the sale racks 


What makes you happy?


6 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy?”

  1. Ice cream for breakfast, reading your blog, touching leaves hanging from a branch as I walk home, trying on a dress that looks amazing on me – then find it is on sale, long conversations abt unusual topics, looking up to the sky and take a long breath finally chocolate chocolate chocolate. Those are only a few of the things that make me happy, my list is long and packed, I am blessed 🙂 in that way.

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