What’s Snickers Thinking?

We took in our dog Snickers a year and half ago after his previous owner was no longer well enough to look after him anymore.  His been part of our family ever since.  If dogs can be soul mates Snickers is mine.  I think pets are great companions.

Which brings me to my question, pet owners have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking? I often wonder and that’s why I’m going to do a weekly post where I guess, what’s Snickers thinking? It might sound crazy and maybe it is but I’ll soon find out what people think 🙂  

Did I hear lamb chops?

5 thoughts on “What’s Snickers Thinking?”

  1. That is such a nice story how you've become so attached to him. I absolutely agree that pets make great companions. Even though Roxi was Matts dog, once I began living with her I've grown such a strong love for her lol. I often wonder what Roxi is thinking… I even put the words in her mouth then reply back… Yes I am crazy!

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