Why Girls Need Their Girlfriends

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I had dinner with my old friend Izzy the other night we had lots to catch up on like we always do since the last time we saw each other.  She arrived before I did and already had a glass of champagne in her hand and I was all for a drink so I ordered myself a glass before we got down to business.

I asked Izzy what’s new because with Izzy there is always something new her life is anything but boring.  She told me she got a phone call from a police officer about an event that happened two years ago and she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time but wasn’t aware of any events that took place on this particular day two years ago.  She explained how they want her to come in and give a statement.  I said to her if there is anyone who has worst luck than me it would be you and she laughed and said that’s why we are friends.  She called the waiter over and ordered two more glasses of champagne.

It was my turn to speak about the current events in my life and it went down like this.  

Me: I found out that guy I was seeing awhile ago said I had not potential and it got to me and I don’t know why.  

Izzy: Excuse me waiter can we get two more glasses of wine and Nutella crepes to share.  I’m going to tell you this because you’re my friend, you’re a dumb ass.

Me: Don’t hold back

Izzy: You’re a dumb ass you got upset over another dumb ass who said you had no potential when he never had potential in the first place!

Me: Waiter we are going to need two more glasses.  Well when you say it like that it makes sense

Izzy: I’m getting hot, must be from the champagne 

Me: I regret ever seeing him if I could turn back time

Izzy: Did you learn anything from this 

Me: I deserve better

Izzy: Don’t ever regret anything you learnt something from

Has your friend ever given it to you straight and it was exactly what you needed to hear?

One thought on “Why Girls Need Their Girlfriends”

  1. What a douche. Do I know him?! You definitely deserve better. Glad that man is out of your life hun
    Xx Suz

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